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  1. I miss you. :'(

  2. "Android came out!" I would have never guessed it was gay!
  3. Site is a little slow right now, but here's the important part. Basically it's a wind powered megaphone system that allows you to call up and say whatever you like, to have it echoed out among the mountains of Norway.
  4. deleted
  5. deleted
  6. Well, this probably isn't what you want, but you can try these Lisp based image creator thingies.
  7. EA is just the distributer, Maxis is the developer
  8. Oh god, he admits to being 14 on his profile...and apparently Poetic-Justice is his friend...this is all starting to make sense now.
  9. Good lord this website sucks, even on the UK version, the whole bottom nav bar links all go to one site, and if you click the "contact info" page at the top, it says "Our phone number is 075" Nice. Also: lolwut, year 8 = 13 years old. That sounds about right. EDIT: And checking the whois of shows "Daniel Grammatica" as the contact name, and he is in that pdf above. So either Callum Phenix uses Daniel's account on the forums here, or he has split personalities
  10. How does that prove any danger? Unless you count cool glowing-without-being-plugged-in effect as danger... Oh fuck, I was putting CFLs next to my plasma ball to make it light them up just for the glowing-without-being-plugged-in effect. Guess I've got the cancerz.
  11. Actually, I think our circadian rhythm is only influenced by light and dark, not so much directly driven by it. You can change your rhythm by simply repeating it, like Polyphasic sleep
  12. The hell? Clearly it's a secret code that means "I'm a big fat liar!"
  13. Funny how this Steve Larson is a professional photographer and yet only has a "$5 camera"
  14. I lol'd. Also:
  15. LOLWUT? Also, you posted this picture on the forums before...SDAUGH doesn't seem like it would mean Steve Larson. EDIT: