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  1. Um.. huh?
  2. No I'm not a post whore, as you can see I don't have many posts and I joined like 4 days ago or something, and most of the time I have alot more posts than I do now in a weeks time. Its just something I like to do, like whenever I reach 500 I can cross it out, just something fun.
  3. I do that on most of the forum sites I go to. Like a site I'm on called Anizone I have it on there also, A lot of people do that. Why do you ask? I just thought it was neat.
  4. Ah I see, its still sweet non the less.
  5. These are sweet, I will probably buy one. Hey Gloomer I think your avatar would be a sweet logo on a shirt...like maybe have that picture and under it would say BinRev or something. You should create one and show us. I would buy it.
  6. Its cool, I took out my other 3 sigs.
  7. Coo coo, well so far I'm doing okay. Its a little confusing but I'll keep at it.
  8. Cool thanks man. I'll try to get good at it.
  9. Hmm.. I love how you guys had a whole conversation without me and acting like I was a horrible person. Also like I said before, its my friends laptop not mine. So its up to him in getting it fixed, he will do it when he feels like it. Btw you guys are going on and on about nothing, and acting like I'm the bad guy for wanting to learn stuff. I'm a nice person and always will be, so I'm wondering why you guys wont drop this topic please. Now I would like to learn about HTML to begin. So I'll go ahead and check the forum for stuff on that and if I don't find good enough help on learning how to do stuff with HTML then I'll ask you guys. First question what does it stand for. Oh also how many sigs may I have max? I don't wanna make anyone mad with having to many.
  10. "but what about "bsicly"? "wana"? "tks"? No apostrophes, improper use of "there" instead of "their"" I'm.on.a.laptop...laptops.have.tiny.keys..people.mess.up...I.mess.up...I'm.not.perfect.
  11. Because.I.have.no.goddamn.space.bar.and.besides.that.I.think.I'm.typing.pretty.damn.decent.for.having.to.use.periods. Also.I.would.love.to.know.what.I'm.doing.wrong...How.am.I.typing.wrong. Oh,.and.your."Er, how could anything in the this thread be necessary? You're asking a question that no one will answer, and if you can't even take the time to properly convey what you mean, then why should anyone help you anyway?"comment.made.me.a.little.mad.too...First.off.I.posted.a.topic.about.a.question.about.hacking..o .a."hack"site.so.to.speak..Yes.I.misread.The.part.where.you don't.use.hacks.for."bad".and.only.to.learn.and.whatnot.but.honestly.I.didn't.really.think.about.much.when.I.made.the.topic.Please.forgive.me?....I.didn't.like.your rudeness.in.this.topic.but.w/e..oh.sorry."But.what.ever."Also.I'm.not.trying.to.be.a.di*k.But.I.was.a.little.mad.I.hope.we.can.start.back.to.square.one.By.the.w y.the."then why should anyone help you anyway?"Thing....because.I.want.to.learn.more.about.computers.and.programing...Please.don't.be.rude.when.posting.after.this.just.say.what.ever.you.have.to.say.
  12. Ah.thats.my.bad.I.figured.I.would.get.that.Sorry.bout.that. Also.sorry.about.the.double.post.
  13. jedibebop.Your.comment.wasn't.needed.at.all.I.found.it.rude.and.not.at.all.necessary. And.yes.I'm.of.age.and.I.don't.have.to.type.perfect.or.right.its.the.internet.I.hardly.type."right"at.all.
  14. Screw.useing.the.mouse.on.the.laptop.lol.but.yes.it.works.fine.We.hooked.up.his.$80dollar.gaming.mouse.hehe
  15. Okay.I.have.never.hacked.before.but.I.would.like.to.try.it.so.like.can.anyone.give.me something.easy.to.try.I.know.that.this.isnt.much.help.but.I.just.wana.hack.anything.like someones.password.to.there.email.or.something,ya.know?Well.if.anyone.has.any.ideas.or.anything.please.post.tks. Also.there.is.a.online.mmorpg.that.has.some.people.I.dont.really.like.on.it.and.I.really.just.wana.b sicly.find.out.there.password.and.get.them.banned. The.games.site.is.called.http://rpg.naget.com/.there.is.no.www..so.yeah.post.away.if.you.know.anything.tks. If.I.hacked.an.email.I.wouldnt.do.anything.bad.I.would.just.do.it.to.know.I.could.I'm.not.that.mean.of.a.person:P