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  1. Definitely going without a doubt
  2. That totals to nenn, slick0, dmad, and myself
  3. This set of videos is by far some of the most constructive use of free time and flash on the web. Definately a shame more people don't do what Irongeek has done here instead of silly videos and worst of all flying adsvertisements of doom. Keep up the good work Irongeek
  4. Considering how most of the basenet guys tend to call while I sleep, and they're technicaly somewhat DDP members right?.... Then yeah i guess i do know how you feel. That and sometimes stank wakes me up when his MP3 is on and he's ranting
  5. The problem with a company like google is that they have built such a good repor with the common user. Too many average users have no idea that their searches can be logged. Hell many windows users I know use the google toolbar that warns you that it will be monitoring you at install if you want to use the "advanced features" This new history logging is nice and useful, but its also like leaving a digital fingerprint on not only every website you go to... but a large repository that can be easily filtered now not just by IP address... but also by account name. And this isn't exactly new either... I'm sure they've linked IP's to names since gmail,.... hell that's possibly where the idea came from. In any case... It's up to us to decide the future of our web searching. Do we continue to use google. set up or use a proxy server / service, or move onto greener pastures. Our drug addicted mentality towards a search engine might eventually be used against us. Be afraid... be very afraid :borg: But on the bright side of things, google still hasn't officially performed any evil actions against us publicly. So maybe there is hope... although from my perspective there is never any hope when $$$ is involved.
  6. Come through often, but as the handle hints at, I post very seldomly.
  7. sounds interesting.... What exacly is meant by free stuff? its not just random crap from around the house is it?
  8. that Tron guy pic scares me. As for a google OS mascot... some creepy looking eyes staring at you as you move the cursor ala xeyes seems to me what I associate with google as a mascot. They try to see all as it is anyway.. Of course the tron guy trying to come out of one of the O's would be quite as scary...
  9. Thanks for putting a smirk on my face stank... though it kinda sucked not having a forum to lurk on..
  10. thanx for pimping us stank
  11. Well this is our 4th show and we're still growing as a show, SO I thought it would be good to open a thread here for feedback. Anyone have any suggestions or comments?
  12. OK i sent an e-mail with the info you need. Hopefully this is a one time thing. For anyone who missed the show check it out at: The Archive.
  13. I hope that Binrev doesn't have this issue tonight. Otherwise that would really suck.
  14. The Show went off the air a bit early for some reason. Not exactly sure what happened. Well if anyone knows whats going on, just e-mail or post here.