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  1. over 100 views and only two replies? hm, and i thought the purpose of forum (or any other community) was to share... and pls don't give me that "if you really want it you should learn it and find it for yourself" answer. i am not asking you "how to hack" or anything. a simple and exact answer would suffice. or just point me in the right direction... *sigh*
  2. i get the idea, but i don't think so my router support that kind of thing. there is tho some "route" setting, but i don't really know what to set where as the router has generaly very bad support. there isn't anything about it in the hardcopy manual (it deals only with the basic installing) nor in the pdf manuals on net nor anywhere else. here is the router:;modelmenu=1 screenshot of the "route" setting:
  3. so i tried proxifier and it seems to work so far. there is just one thing... i added one proxy so it would hook up all the traffic through it. so i went to this page to check out my ip, but the thing is it was still the same. so i checked another page and this one showed the proxy. any idea why is that? i ran a check (on on that proxy and it was supposed to be anonymous. anyways i tried it with some few other apps and it seems when i tried to make a connection with them the host has still seen my external ip, not the proxy. p.s.: bit of a nooobie question, but are all proxy servers SOCKS4,5 or HTTPS based? or are those just protocols that some of them support. p.s.2: are proxy servers restricted to some special application types (like browser) or can they process any application that communicates with some server on the net?
  4. i searched for the socksap program but it appears it hasn't been around for a while. i have found only a 3 year old version: instead i found these... any experience with some of them? so far i tried only the proxycap one and it doesn't seem to work. you need to add a proxy in the program list which you later assign to an application of your choosing. i did this with firefox and whenever i check my external ip (i am behind a router) it always seems to be the same. i tried countless proxies and it never worked. so either all of them were down or there is something else. btw all proxies should be able to run socks4 and socks5 or is it only exclusive to some?
  5. hi, i need to run a proxy server (freeware hopefuly) that can translate all the apps. i am tired of setting all of the proxies individualy in each app. some of the apps don't even have a proxy. is there some program like this? or can i set this in my operation system? i have win xp with sp2. i thought i knew where the proxy is there but i looked and looked and it seems it doesnt have a proxy. cheers
  6. hi, i need to see about some DHCP leases that happened like month ago. my router (asus wl520-gu) is however logging only most recent leases so the older are replaced with the new... and there is no log in a file form whatsoever. i even mailed the asus technician to be informed about this. i run win xp pro sp2. i checked the win\system32\dhcp directory but it was blank. checked also admin tools and network connection options but to no avail. so the questions is... is there some external log file thats maintained by win alone?
  7. so i've done some research on proxy lists and apparently there's a whole bussines with them out there. quite hard to find something reliable and with a decent latency. i was looking for anonymous proxies and came across these PlanetLab/CoDeeN servers. most of them have good latency and are anonymous but have rather shady restrictions that seemed to pop-up in 8 cases from 10. something in a vein of: ""You are trying to use a node of the CoDeeN CDN Network. Your IP address is not recognized as a valid PlanetLab address, so your request rate is being limited." seems strange that all those proxy lists seem to crawl with them. just to verify something out... when i use "distant" proxy, like something overseas, is there a decrease in bandwith? this is a bit confusing as i am from Europe and when i checked the latency info on some proxies, the US ones seemed to have less latency than some EU ones. so i do not know exactly if the latency is measured according to "me" or the site/server thats it displayed on.
  8. thanks. i am on it. mission report later. :]
  9. never did that. how do i do that? :]
  10. yea, my lease has 24h longevity too. if ipconfig tells it right. so basicaly what i gather... router obtains the lease every 24 hours. if i log on onto the computer in that time it will renew the lease and my ip will remain the same. so should i turn off the router or modem for 24 hours or just a turn them off/on at the time of lease expiration - turn it off before and turn on after?
  11. hello, i need to change my ext. ip, but i am quite inexperienced; not a total noob tho. so how should i be able to do that? i found few pointers on the web but they were all explained bit poorly. oh, and my external ip is dynamic as far as i know.
  12. nah, there are about 5 computers on the network
  13. i need some soft with which i can see how much data are being transfered on the LAN network, moderate bandwith for each user on it, etc. some half admin/half hacker tool or something like that. ;] any ideas? cheers, user
  14. lol. that looks more like some funeral service or something
  15. yea. however isn't there a possibility or running a live distro on the computer. some slax or something and install the keylogger on partition from there? but firstly i dunno if the DriveCrypt window pops up before or after the boot seq... if before, then i think its solved (hm actualy it might req the pass even when i am booting. didnt check on that). and secondly... can i install keylogger, if the boot works, from linux to work on win based system? well stealthness woudln't be an issue in this case i guess. so what do you mean by driver issues? i think they write there it needs no install or drivers.