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Status Updates posted by tekio

  1. Tekio 2016:

    • Apache License Xfinity infrastructure 
    • nuke opposition of net neut. 
    • all settings on leased TelCo/ISP equipment accessible OR 1) no lease fee can be charged. 2) they need to pay monthly royalties  to the open source community for kernels their devices are running on.  
  2.  Really misses the old BinRev - around 2005ish - 2007ish.

  3. - cue Paranoid by B. Sabath.
    - Python DNS audit script running
    - scan for port 1723
    - scan results for open 21
    - admin:admin, admin:password,admin:1234,admin:12345,admin:123456
    - I pwn your PPTP and they cant find me........


  4. "Well, sweet little sista's high as hell, cheating on a halo
    Grind in an odyssey, a holocaust, a heart kicking on tomorrow"


    Does the volume got to 15? Buahaha! :-)

  5. 3 - part margarita mix
    1 - part ice

    2 - parts Cabo Wabo
    1 - cute girl with dark hair :-)

  6. Just read someone referring to Perl as the modern day Cobol: -Dying a slow and painful death -


    I almost cried. :-(

  7. Admin vs. Hacker ::
    "We do our reports in c-sharp" - "But I just found out the flaw in your c-sharp using Perl?  It has been buggy for two years?"b :P

  8. Using Wireshark to reverse engineer Temp Motoring Coordinator Apps and re-writing alert system in Perl. Getting paid to this.... I <3 I.T. 

  9. $employment = ($tekio->employmentStatus == 1 ) ? DevOps Engineer : FreeLancer;



    1. Kulverstukas


      Nice. But you forgot the quotes :P

    2. tekio


      You are assuming someone doent use quotes to avoid playing games with SQLi filters. 

  10. 3 Projects:

    - India AWS API / PHP stuff

    - Greece PHP online network utilities page

    - USA west coast Linux VPS config
    I need plan this shit better! First pizza then SLEEP. 

  11. BinRev is looking good. Keep the nice work, Mr. StankDawg.

  12. I see. We prefer Wordpress. Do you have Wordpress experience?


    Yes, I do. I can fix your Wordpress issues without a "plugin". :-P

  13. Just installed Linux Mint on my main workstation at work. How cool is that for a Windows Admin??

  14. MS Exchange is a POS. This is email - let's not over-complicate the means to an end, Microsoft.

  15. Nice! You have experience in PHP, SQL, some Python, Linux, OS X, and Windows Server. What about VAX and Cobol? 


    Serious! This sounds interesting. 

  16. OMG - Mint install totally got owned by 1337 H@x0rz. :-P

  17. That hideous laughing when your boss orders 4 5-year old, "refurbished"  i7 systems against your own recommendations and 4/4 do not work properly.  


    "Because office users need an i7 for email and web browsing". ;-)

  18. Updates for the binrev are looking good. 

  19. -> feels like he just Haxed the Gibson! :P

  20. "12:00, I seen an SUV. I got 4 armed men; they're in hodgey gear." The Hurt Locker has to be one of my all time favorites....

  21. "Buhahaha!" I love Despicable Me. That dude rocks!

  22. "reverse engineering" the authenication process of Apple Airport Extreme's. They should not have SNMP emables with a cs of "public" by default!

    1. tekio


      Looks like each Airport Utility has a public key stored in the software. Also looking like they use SNMP for configuration changes.

      Wonder if these OID's can be accessed via port 161 with a default community string of "public'. :)

      Making a perl app to bruteforce non-standard OID's to see what I can get! :)

    2. tekio


      Also, I cannot believe how many airport SOHO routers are in use! Using scanrand aimed at port 5009, then sending a 128-byte message to the port will reveal if it's an airport. They respond with an encrypted message, BUT each message is started and ended in clear text with:

      app: start message

      END| to end the message.

  23. "Well, Sherif Mills is either having an Obama-care insured opium dream, or something is eating folks at the Souix City General Hospital." Bobby Singer - Supernatural

  24. $bustSize = "38-a"; echo (preg_match('/^3(0|1|2|3|4)\-((c{1,3})|(d{1,3})){1}$/',$bustSize)) ? "Hello there!\n" : "Data input reject error: bust-size must be an integer 30 - 34 followed by letters c or d.\n";

  25. After careful recursive thinking; I have determined it's impossible to boycott the act of boycotting.