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  1. Thinking that using a Linux is the only way to keep privacy intact at this point in tech life. Long live Tux! 
    1. dinscurge


      maybe :P what about dem site breaches like the hosting for linux mint, ubuntu forums. i mean  anything affiliated with a company in the us probably not free from possible gov inquiries same as google and who ever else. soo.. probably more obscure stuff where less of a target for hacks and stuff on a userbase basis, or a roll your own

    2. tekio


      Dins, no offense, but I see your tech level at about a script-kiddie with potential. Nothing you post has earned tons of respect from me. Sorry - but honesty presents the best outcome at times. :-)

    3. dinscurge




      was saying the distro of choice makes a difference, being say cononical had that spyware thing where they gave information to amazon, or linux mint had their servers compromised, and had the iso replaced with one which had been modified.


      would probably lean towards more strictly community based, or a roll your own(lfs), but mainly researching the distro in question, the default configuration(s) they are not at all created equally, assuming one wanted to be certain it was spyware free/secure.