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  1. Somehow found myself ass deep in telephony today. Punchdown blocks?? I thought Ethernet cable was messy. :-$

    1. docx


      66 blocks or 110 blocks? Did you actually have a punchdown tool or were you having to just press that shit through!?!?!

    2. tekio


      66 Blocks. I got it done and had to order a punchdown tool. One really cool an old-school telecom guy taught me: hook alligator clips to the punches and call.... My toner will light up green when the phone should be ringing. 

    3. tekio


      Oh... got that awkward thing of running my fingers over the blocks with a toner in my other hand.... Then hearing dialing through the toner... Apparently no current until the call connects???? Because I didn't get 110 volts through my body? Haha

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