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  1. Somehow found myself ass deep in telephony today. Punchdown blocks?? I thought Ethernet cable was messy. :-$

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    2. docx


      hahahhaha!!!! I remember the first time that happened to me! 


      that was a very cool thing to learn though - using the fingers that is!

    3. tekio


      Uhm... it is fast... but probably would not recommend during business hours. But 110 volts is doable... long as one doesn't hit their head on something falling down.

    4. docx


      Ehh it was never anything that jolting to me -- I was also an admin of a very large modem bank (over 60) and it seemed like somehow when I hit those it was a bit more of a "shocker" than the normal pbx handsets.. Then again it may have been the vicodin.....