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  1. Since the Supreme Court ruled police are not obligated to protect citizens, can I sue the local police for false advertising? The cars say, "to protect and serve".

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    2. tekio


      Police are funny: they go Rodney King and shoot people. Then say, "if they aren't guilty of something, wouldn't run from us".

    3. tekio


      I'll also add, the Mafia is simpler. You just pay them for "protection". No racial bias, etc... At least with the Mafia one knows what's expected of them. LoL

    4. tekio


      I grew up in Seattle. I had a cop pul their knight-stick on me for jay-walking once. I crossed the street, then she pointed at me, then pointed to go back. I winked at her, and she grabbed her battan. I was hoping for handcuffs. but hey....