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  1. "Well, sweet little sista's high as hell, cheating on a halo
    Grind in an odyssey, a holocaust, a heart kicking on tomorrow"


    Does the volume got to 15? Buahaha! :-)

  2. Thank you Simple Note! For making a native Linux app with markdown you are AWESOME!  Good bye Evernote! Your web-app just sucks as do your mobile apps! Here is a hint: functionality over JavaScript blinking and sliding widgets!

  3. - cue Paranoid by B. Sabath.
    - Python DNS audit script running
    - scan for port 1723
    - scan results for open 21
    - admin:admin, admin:password,admin:1234,admin:12345,admin:123456
    - I pwn your PPTP and they cant find me........


  4. oh.... snap.  Didn't see that one coming. :-/

  5. Being Pythonic about things.

    1. TheFunk


      So long as you're being completely pythonic and not being 3-5 python 2.7 modules sprinkled into a larger project written in some other language like C.

    2. tekio


      from future export __past__  :D

  6. "Conjunction, junction - what's your function?".  Dang I loved School House Rock!

  7. Imagine if the Internet regressed back to 24.4, 33.6, or  56K for 24 hours?  Will never happen, but made the start up sound on meh Windows to a 56K modem connecting. The memories. :-)

    1. kc9pke


      Frontier's just as bad. 4 DSLAMs in a city of 36k and 45 Mbit/s in backhaul to each one of them, haven't been upgraded since Verizon's wireline glory days. Don't have to worry much about that since Comcast quietly launched gigabit DOCSIS here :D

    2. tekio


      I pretty much have a choice between Clink and Comcast. Clink is 1.5Mbs and limited because I am right at 5 1/2 Kilometers from the C/O. Had to have Clink set my speed at the C/O to about 850kbs,  stopping the modem from retraining every 45 minutes.


      Which really sucked on anything streaming or needing longer than 45 minutes to download. Also, didn't like the fact I had to tell the techs exactly what to do, "trust me, reseting my modem will not work. Let's set my link down until it needs stops retraining the modem, I am too far for 1.5Mbs.".



    3. kc9pke


      Have you tried service with Comcast? Out here they have a cable node hanging off a pole damn never every other block, so you're always close to the point where copper connections get muxed onto the fiber network. Internet is unironically great, customer service not so much

  8. Learning R. :-)

  9. $employment = ($tekio->employmentStatus == 1 ) ? DevOps Engineer : FreeLancer;



    1. Kulverstukas


      Nice. But you forgot the quotes :P

    2. tekio


      You are assuming someone doent use quotes to avoid playing games with SQLi filters. 

  10. Nice! You have experience in PHP, SQL, some Python, Linux, OS X, and Windows Server. What about VAX and Cobol? 


    Serious! This sounds interesting. 

  11. Someone hacked my Gibson? 

    1. tekio


      The security of a Guild S-100 Polara is hard as Kim Thayil's riffs. 

  12. Does drinking Rum all day make an alcoholic or a Pirate? 

    1. tekio


      Yes. Lots of Rum there, too. Thank you. 

    2. tweeks


      since most pirates are alcoholics anyway, i vote for it making you a pirate.  ARRRRRRRRRRRRR 


  13. Tiger poking! Now that is a sport amongst men.

  14. I see. We prefer Wordpress. Do you have Wordpress experience?


    Yes, I do. I can fix your Wordpress issues without a "plugin". :-P

  15. Dang! Cobain, Staley, and Cornell! Grunge is official dead. RIP. :-(

  16. PEAR is cool! Not because it is cool, but because it is kinda useful. 

  17. That hideous laughing when your boss orders 4 5-year old, "refurbished"  i7 systems against your own recommendations and 4/4 do not work properly.  


    "Because office users need an i7 for email and web browsing". ;-)

  18. AMD Ryzen 8 core HT. Want! :-)

  19. Seriously, if the sign at the door reads, "Please seat yourself". Any vacant seat in the establishment is fair game.

  20. I'm sorry, Mr. Server 2012 Core. But Windows was not made for CMD administration like Linux. Maybe in 2016.

  21. How come when the NSA does it, it's cyber intelligence and not Facebook Stalking?

  22. Would be interesting to see Perl 6 officially official the same day Python 2.X is officially unofficial. :-)

  23. Take note P. Carroll: we don't pass and 2nd and goal to lose a Super Bowl. Not even with T. Brady and NOT M. Lynch. ;-)

    1. tekio


      "used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people considered together.
      "shall we have a drink?"
      People who wouldn't call a pass on 2nd and goal. Like well... everybody besides Pete Carroll.
  24. Gotta give kudos to Leo Laporte: he respects the skill set of hackers and tells the world how it is with technology! :)

  25. Writing, drinking Margaritas, watching it snow and learning. If only this paid more $$$$. :-(