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  1. Updates for the binrev are looking good. 

  2. Looking good for Denver. But don't get too cocky - the number one offense can score a touchdown (but has trouble with field goals).

    1. tekio


      But so can a good defense, I guess. Looks bleak for Carolina. LoL

  3. War Games! Then another cup of coffee and some Super Natural. I.T. is an awesome career choice!

  4. One thing I LOVE about driving a Jeep: snow plows just get in the way!

  5. I have thought about this, but just too many hoops to jump through. Then decided FreeNAS wold serve my purpose. LoL   Let us know how it goes - wish this was native in Linux.
  6. Ok, Tekio: as much as you you want to get shit done, no touching production servers while you're this drunk. #TekioWaitingForGF

  7. Oh really? Mr. GP Dynamics Consultant who charges three figures per hour? You think I'm gonna help you when you over promise? Actually I take to much pleasure in watching you crash and burn. (end rant)

  8. Big HUGE game tomorrow. Go Seahawks!

  9. It's not "Microhard". It's Microsoft. Disable everything and and don't log into your M.S. account no matter what free app they offer
  10. I need to map out our company network. The I.T. Department I work in has had a bad habit of just fixing stuff and leaving it. Example: "Where is the temperature monitor controller?" ... "Oh... Frank had to subnet that, it's on some weird I.P. range, I think he segmented it on a 172.16.X.X subnet." "Why?" "I don't know, it was doing something weird, but it works now. You'd need ask Frank". I'm guessing probably about 150 nodes/devices/computers total. What I want to do is start from each main switch and see what hosts are assigned to each port. Then move up and see what each host is running for an O/S, then services, etc... Tracking each down physically. Then finally documenting and diagramming the entire company network. I'm actually expecting to find lots stuff, stuff that will surprise me both good and bad, Any suggestions for applications that might be useful? Any tips? Anything from open source discovery tools to open-source diagraming tools? So far here is what I've got to the job: - A promiscuous mode USB to Ethernet adapter. - Kali Linux running in a V.M. on my Windows Laptop - WiFi analyzer - namp - WireShark - A WiFi Adapter that can go into RF-Mon mode on Linux - NetScan Tools Pro Edition - Some basic word lists with default passwords - a few standard service auditors (with a license to crack)
  11. I have not got a cert in a long time. Last was my MCSE back in the 90's (6 exams). I just studied, found some test questions, and did an honest assessment of myself and how well I knew the exam material. Don't just read - do real world stuff so you have something in memory to refer back to when asked a tricky question. About two weeks before each exam - I invested on some paid simulators. They accurately showed how well I was doing and what I needed to learn. After taking the simulator once, I studied the material I was weak. Also made sure to keep sharp on the stuff I knew well. The key to paid simul;actors is not to memorize the answers. ONLY TAKE THEM TWICE. Finally, I took the simulator again about 4-5 days before paying $370 for an M.S. exam. Then wrote the stuff down on a piece of paper I always got wrong. Then studied that for about 45 minutes before going in to take the exam. When I took the exam we were given a pen and a piece of paper for doing math, subletting, etc..... I immediately sat down and wrote everything down I had trouble with in the simulators (802.11 standards, different types of backups, specs for CAT 5, and other stuff that needed to memorized). I studied this in my car before taking the exam from my notes) I only missed about three questions on my entire MCSE path with the 90's adaptive testing. Good luck.
  12. Got a fork stuck in them by the Evil Empire: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon., and Sprint.
  13. Just install Win98 in a VM and find a USB Modem solution to work with your BBS software. Serial over IP, compatible USB 56K modem with a chipset your BBS software will communicate with (or write custom initiation strings, etc...) I've seen BBS software that will run on Win98., As for DOS? I'm sure it can be found somewhere. There are downloads somewhere - just a matter of finding them
  14. GM of operations: "We need to integrate Salesforce with out current CRM that does inventory and EVERYTHING else. BTW - the Salesforce is already bough and paid for......" ME: "Hahaha! Wish me luck!

  15. New BIOS update for the Dell 9343 XPS 13. Should I try Linux again? Of course I should.....

  16. Thanks for the help, everyone who replied. Attached is a basic diagram of how I set this up. Just got it working today. Sorry, my diagraming skills suck, but only I need to look at them. Haha
  17. Send me a PM if you'd like some assistance with anything, Stank. I could spend a weekend here or there on a project to help out.
  18. Nothing found this time. But whenever staying in a hotel/motel, I highly suggest fanning through the pages if the bible. Ever hid anything in the pages of a book? Ever forget about it? ;-)

    1. tekio


      That's awesome. I did find an extra key-card to the room under the T.V. this time.

  19. Really, I don't mind paying taxes. I do understand. However it's the whole - "you need to fire a CPA to figure out how much you need to pay us". Really? Send me a bill and I'll pay it....

  20. Blanton's,6 un-watched episodes of American Horror Story from Google Play and all night.... Damn... i must be getting old, this is heaven.

  21. Where to start? I'll just leave it at that.

  22. And scratchy. :-P
  23. I like the software RAID1 idea. EDIT: forgot It's gonna be on Linux. :-/ I will look at setting software RAID1 under Linux. Its FT/HA data for vSphere. Unsure I/O will be too much of an issue. but I will look into it. Thanks again Dins and Glitch...
  24. Yeah. I'm just thinking this way, if a anything on the Linux box goes out - I'd just need to grab any workstation, download Linux, and swap at least one drive and the RAID card. Maybe even proactively replace each RAID 1 H.D. every 2 years or so,,,, EDIT: I just see RAID5 or RAID 6 more for saving working systems that need to be up. But RAID 1 better for saving data, in theory. Well... unless both H.D. go out. :-P