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  1. That picture and post are really gonna confuse some Mac users. LMAO EDIT: the Mini has not had a DVD/CD ROM for years. I think Sata Supports two disks per wire as long as the firmware does. The older Mini's with that have a Mini Server Sibling to their line supported port multiplying. There was a port multiplier cable thing-mijigger for supported Mini's by third parties. And even a place to mount a second 2.5: HDD (the Mini Server came with two 2.5 and an Apple port multiplier.) Unsure if the 2014 will support a port multiplier like the earlier models - I could't find one. :-( Even if - good luck mounting it. Possible? Yep... But most Mac users it would be unlikely. EDIT2: Or maybe the older Mini had two SataPorts? I cannot remember.... I bought one really cheap once in the local newspaper: put a modern version of OS X, 16GB DDRL3 ; and added a cheap 128GB SSD with the cable and sold it on eBay for almost 1000.00. LMAO
  2. I don't like Microsoft Sales Reps. Did I mention I don't like Microsoft Sales Reps?

  3. "I can boot in two seconds now!" Says the Mac Mini that once went "chug, chug, chug" to load an app. :-)

    1. tekio


      It boots in two seconds? How fast does your system boot? :-P

  4. Loved Civil War - had Binrev moment when Stan Lee asked for Mr. Stank.

    1. tekio


      Very end of the movie. He was a postman and had delivery for Tony Stark: "Are you Mr. Stank?"  And I'm saying the Union. Iron Man == Union. Captain America == Confederacy in this one. :-)

    2. StankDawg


      I think we all knew how I would side.

    3. tekio


      Can't blame ya Stank. I'd have told the U.N. to stick it as well. Hahaha

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  5. Brutus has not been updated since before Windows XP was using raw sockets.... Get Kali Linux and try Medusa or Hydra. There was even a version of Hydra ported to Windows (unsure how current). Classic cars are cool.... 30 year old whiskey is REALLY cool.... 20 year old software not so cool. :-)
    I use aliases in 200 lines of SQL because I'm too lazy to type, but have hours to debug.. :-)

  7. When I was living with my ex GF, I swear someone was fuxing with RF. Randomly Bluetooth would stop working... WiFi would would be crappy, cell reception would be crappy, and remotes would not would work to TV's. Remote batteries would die in like one week - and I had to get really close to the T.V. But then everything would just work normal again...... But I was living with a cute girl. So I'd just go get laid till things worked again. LMAO
  8. I can integrate Salesforce <---> GP Dynamics while drunk!  Imagine if I were stoned!  :-)

  9. Well... anyone is willing to help to a certain extent.. But maybe if you clarified a little bit?
  10. Tekio is so sprung on dark haired women with blue eyes. Just don't tell her this.... ;)

  11. If Salesforce were a chick; I'd deny  sex out of spite! 

  12. Admin vs. Hacker ::
    "We do our reports in c-sharp" - "But I just found out the flaw in your c-sharp using Perl?  It has been buggy for two years?"b :P

  13. Probably depends on the channel. An FAA, emergency, or even public communications channel would probably draw quicker attention than 2.4Ghz or 5.2Ghz. LoL
  14. Just read someone referring to Perl as the modern day Cobol: -Dying a slow and painful death -


    I almost cried. :-(

  15. Broadcom doesn't release the source for their drivers. So.. most distros include them in "non-free" because of licensing. There is a firmware part of the driver that has to be extracted from Windows driver, and there is a tool do this in most distros. Some distros do have broadcom drivers and firmware - but they need to enabled because of licensing not complying with open source. Here are directions I used to get my Broadcom working on Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx
  16. Biggest problems: 1) NIC 2) BIOS 3) graphics display. I think most I saw were headless and running VNC, come to think of it. It sounds like a fun project. Wish I had time do stuff like that still.
  17. Cool thing about Linux is source is released for most everything. I guess any distro would just involve building/compiling your own kernel (have fun - but possible). I think the original has a P3 almost 1Ghz and about 64 - 128 MB memory with a 10 or 100Mbs NIC. So... for home or maybe small office, yes. For corporate - hell no way.. I've ran a PHP dev box on a old AMD single core about comparable (i think a K5) with a P1 and 500GB of memory and 10Mbps NIC. The CPU would not allow anything beyond compiling Apache, PHP, etc.... (unless one was very patient). There are memory mods as well for the original xbox (unsure about working with Linux) - check out ebay they were all over for a while. Take away X, and it would be doable. But you could just get a NAS for less than $200.00 You could get a memory mod and have box doable for LAMP dev with some work, though. :-)
  18. I tried this and it needs to be a certain serial number to work. There are different releases. Mine was an original but was patched to prevent different o/s installs in it. Someone discovered a way with a security vuln in a certain game - but it was a lot hoops to jump through for installing linux. Just do your research and follow guides. LOL
  19. MS Exchange is a POS. This is email - let's not over-complicate the means to an end, Microsoft.

  20. Using Wireshark to reverse engineer Temp Motoring Coordinator Apps and re-writing alert system in Perl. Getting paid to this.... I <3 I.T. 

  21.  Really misses the old BinRev - around 2005ish - 2007ish.

  22. OMG - Mint install totally got owned by 1337 H@x0rz. :-P

  23. Just installed Linux Mint on my main workstation at work. How cool is that for a Windows Admin??

  24. BinRev is looking good. Keep the nice work, Mr. StankDawg.