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  1. Bandwidth chart of ports on a switch from a freelance job I did today. Totally laughed out loud for about five minutes when I figured the story out. This was causing a HUGE network issue:
  2. I did freelance web-dev for a while. IMO - it's easier to clean up networking than playing with spaghetti code. I wouldn't re-do projects from where anyone left-off. I'd always start from the ground up or not take the job. I hated needing fix someone's broken code - it gave me headaches (serious - bad headaches and little sleep). LoL
  3. You are on the right track! There were three buildings. connected via fiber, like: A -> B -> C The internet connection was in building C All the servers in building B. The gateway router in building B. It is not mesh. So from building A, it went: [secondary switches Building A] -> [primary main switch building A] -> [switch Building B] -> [switch building C] -> [Frame Relay to ISP] Than in building C it went: [switch building C] -> [gateway router building B] -> [switch Building C] -> [ISP] Those are 3 ports in building C sending traffic to building B, then back to C out port G28 to the ISP. They had 10 open ports on the switch with over 80 MAC addresses associated in 45 minutes. Someone obviously has something against laying cable. They also had switches nested up to 8 deep in some scenarios.
  4. Am I like an Interweb star if I made Google Street View? :clover:

    1. Y0ungBra1n


      Woot! That's cool! When and how?

    2. tekio


      I was walking on the sidewalk and saw the google car. Then checked it the other day and.. .there it was. If I can remember you'll understand when I say - it was in bountiful. Actaully close to where you posted that 2600 pic on the freeway. About 5 miles at most from there. Hahaha

  5. Seriously, people at comcast must answer the phone while eating a big jelly donut, sipping on a latte: "thanks for calling, please hold...."

  6. Cabo Wabo Tequila + Shasta Tiki Soda + Ice == Drunk and happy. :-)

  7. This is a script I made to check email files and log to a comma delimited file and import into excel. Was a freelance job a few years ago (but I still own the rights so posting here). #!/bin/bash TEMP_FILE="temp.tmp" CR=`echo "\0015"` usage () { echo " HELP: -e mail export file (exported from Outlook) -o output file (Excel import file) -m mode: QTC or CAD -c save output file with DOS line-breaks -v verbose output of parsed records -d remove duplicates" } exit 1 while getopts :e:o:m:vdc opts do case ${opts} in e) MAIL_EXPORT_FILE=${OPTARG};; o) OUTPUT_FILE=${OPTARG};; m) MODE=${OPTARG};; v) VERBOSE=1;; d) DEDUPE=1;; c) DOS=1;; \?) usage; exit 1;; esac done if [ -a "$MAIL_EXPORT_FILE" ] && [ "$OUTPUT_FILE" != "" ] && ([ "$MODE" == "QCT" ] || [ "$MODE" == "CAD" ]) then if [ "$MODE" == "CAD" ] then first=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep FIRSTNAME\:\:\ \ \ [A-Za-z0-9]*.*$ | cut -d: -f3 | sed 's/[ ]//g'`) last=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep LASTNAME\:\:\ \ \ \ [A-Za-z0-9]*.*$ | cut -d: -f3 | sed 's/[ ]//g'`) serial=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep KEY\:\:[\ ]\{9\}\([0-9A-Z]*\ \)\{3\}\([A-Z0-9]\{4\}\)$ | cut -d: -f3 | tr " " "@"`) date=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep DATE::\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ [0-9].*\([0-9]\|[AM]\)$ | cut -d" " -f14`) software=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep EDITION\:\:\ \ \ \ \ QuiltCAD.*$ | cut -d: -f3 | sed 's/^[ ]//g' | tr " " "@"`) email=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep EMAIL\:\:\ \{7\}.*@.*\..*$ | cut -d: -f3 | sed 's/[ ]//g'`) #check that all array counts match to detect offset errors. ENDARR=`expr ${#first[@]} - 1` for i in `seq 0 $ENDARR` do echo ${first[$i]} ${last[$i]},${email[$i]},${date[$i]},`echo ${serial[$i]} | sed -e 's/^@*//g' | tr "@" " "`,`echo ${software[$i]} | sed 's/^@*//g' | tr "@" " "` >> $OUTPUT_FILE if [ $VERBOSE ] then echo " [ $i ] ${first[$i]} ${last[$i]} --> " `echo ${regcode[$i]} | sed 's/^@//g' | tr "@" " "` fi done elif [ "$MODE" == "QCT" ] then #name, email, date, ugid, computer id, software id, registration code first=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep FIRSTNAME\:\:\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ [A-Za-z0-9]*.*$ | cut -d: -f3 | tr -d ' '`) last=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep LASTNAME::\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ [A-Za-z0-9]*.*$ | cut -d: -f3 | sed 's/\ //g' | cut -d: -f3`) date=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep DATE\:\:\ \{14\}\([0-9]\{1,2\}\/[0-9]\{1,2\}\/[0-9]\{4\}\)$ | cut -d: -f3 | sed -e 's/ //g'`) #need to fix email=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep EMAIL\:\:\ \{7\}.*@.*\..*$ | cut -d: -f3 | sed 's/[ ]//g'`) compid=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep COMPUTER\ ID\:\:\ \{7\}\(\-\|[0-9]\)?[0-9]\{7,10\}$ | cut -d: -f3`) ugid=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep UGID\:\:\ \{14\}[0-9]\{3\}$ | cut -d: -f3 | sed -e 's/ //g'`) softid=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | grep SOFTWARE\ ID | cut -d: -f3 | sed -e 's/ //g' | sed -e 's/^$/Unlisted/g'`) regcode=(`cat $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE | egrep REGISTRATION\ CODE\:\:\ [0-9]{4}\ [0-9]{4}\ [0-9]{4}\ [0-9]{4}$ | cut -d: -f3 | tr " " "@"`) ENDARR=`expr ${#first[@]} - 1` for i in `seq 0 $ENDARR` do echo ${first[$i]} ${last[$i]},${email[$i]},${date[$i]},${ugid[$i]},${compid[$i]},${softid[$i]},`echo ${regcode[$i]} | sed 's/^@//g' | tr "@" " "` >> $OUTPUT_FILE if [ $VERBOSE ] then echo " [ $i ] ${first[$i]} ${last[$i]} --> " `echo ${regcode[$i]} | sed 's/^@//g' | tr "@" " "` fi done fi else echo " HELP: -e mail export file (exported from Outlook) -o output file (Excel import file) -m mode: QTC or CAD -c save output file with DOS line-breaks -v verbose output of parsed records -d remove duplicates" exit 1; fi if [ $DEDUPE ] then cat $OUTPUT_FILE | sort | uniq >> $TEMP_FILE rm $OUTPUT_FILE mv $TEMP_FILE $OUTPUT_FILE echo "-------------------------------------------------------+" echo "[ √ ] Output file de-duplicated!" fi if [ $DOS ] then cat $OUTPUT_FILE | sed -e "s/$/${CR}/g" >> $TEMP_FILE rm $OUTPUT_FILE mv $TEMP_FILE $OUTPUT_FILE echo "-------------------------------------------------------+" echo "[ √ ] Output file in DOS line-breaks!" fi echo "-------------------------------------------------------+" echo " | Parsing completed! " echo " | Processed File: $MAIL_EXPORT_FILE" echo " | Records parsed: ${#first[@]}" echo " | Mode: $MODE " echo " | Output File: $OUTPUT_FILE" echo " | Total Records:" `cat $OUTPUT_FILE | wc -l` echo " | Offset Error: N\A" echo "-------------------------------------------------------+" exit 0;
  8. !/bin/bash usage() { echo " HELP: -i input file -o output/save file -t showmount timeout -h print this help " exit 1; } while getopts :t:i:o:h opts do case ${opts} in i) INPUT_FILE=${OPTARG};; o) OUTPUT_FILE=${OPTARG};; t) TIMEOUT=${OPTARG};; h) HELP=1;; \?) echo "invalid parameter detected!"; exit 1;; esac done if [ "$TIMEOUT" = "" ] then TIMEOUT=3 fi if [ "$HELP" != 1 ] && [ "$INPUT_FILE" != "" ] && [ "$OUTPUT_FILE" != "" ] then echo "Running showmount check with the following oprions:" echo "input file: $INPUT_FILE" echo "output file: $OUTPUT_FILE" echo "timeout: $TIMEOUT" while read -a HOST; do SCAN_HOST=`echo $HOST | tr "\n" "@" | sed 's/\@//'`; echo $SCAN_HOST; #sleep 5 && echo "sleep done!" && kill "$!" 2> /dev/null && echo killed "$!" 2> /dev/null & sleep $TIMEOUT && kill $(ps aux | grep showmount | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}') 2> /dev/null & showmount -e -3 $SCAN_HOST >> $OUTPUT_FILE 2> /dev/null; #echo $HOST done < $INPUT_FILE exit 0; else usage; fi Unsure what version this was: so it may or may not work. Should log all NFS responses and can be grep'd for 666 privs. Don't end up in the federal pokey - use at your own risk. :-)
  9. Director of I.T. - now that sounds all fancy and shit. :-)

  10. Looking at gmail faqs: smtp only supports mailing to Gmail users: This app looks like it was last updated over 10 years ago. With google now, you may need to use SMTP over TLS/SSL on port 465. I made something similar for work in Perl and needed to use a SMPT SSL/TLS library. I don't know C too well but couldn't see anything using TLS/SSL in that app. I could be incorrect (don't know C too well). But if I wanted to learn about how it works - I'd look at adding TLS/SSL mechanisms to it for Gmail. Try some other free email providers or run your own SMTP server. Plain SMTP is flawed and not used a lot. When I made my SMTP script for gmail, it kept denying auth till using SSL/TLS
  11. Self taught 100%. Got my MCSE in the 90's with self-study. Then got into hacking looking up more advanced material regarding MCSE certs. "Really? How do these permissions work? Where are passwords stored? How does this TCP/IP thing rally work? Oh... I can see how in wireshark"
  12. I'd skip a book and just use Google. Most hackers don't write books and there is more than enough information on the Interwebz. It's the new millennium. :-)
  13. That sarcastic laugh when someone PM's 100 lines of HTML and JavaScript to "hack" for them. "Haha"

  14. Ok - so I'm a dork but really do love Macs. I wanted a decent Mac Desktop at home. Of course as much as OS X is cool (chime in anytime Scrappy or Dins :-P ), Apples hardware sucks! Was not gonna finance a Mac Pro or (even worse) an iMac. So I got an opened box Mac Mini 2014 2.6Ghz i5 (dual core i5) for a deal at Best Buy. Then a 27" Dell Monitor. This was decent as follows: - 8GB DDR (no upgrades on the 2014) - Iris graphics - 2.6Ghz i5 But on HUGE problem: internal 5400RPM HDD. This was unusable... And who would buy a damn Hybrid drive for a Mini??? Even worse the Mac Mini needs to be outfitted from Apple for a Hybrid drive - it uses a special logic board with an mSSD slot. Not available on the Mac Mini that ships with a 1TB HDD... The problem I soon discovered is Apple has really locked the hardware down for the 2014. 1) they use secured custom torx screws now. 2) if that were not enough - even buying the a custom torx wrench from iFixit will void the warranty. Even to replace the hard drive!!!! The Mac Mini with the Fusion Drive is waayyyy to much $$$ for a desktop that uses a laptop CPU. And still, one can only have a 64GB SSD (mSSD) and 1TB HDD (remember pulling the Logic Board out voids the warranty now ;-) ).. All storage is also governed by "it works" Apple technology :: we will put stuff where its best... This would be great for my mom.... But not anyone reading this... Figured out a way to do an external SSD for boot, apps, etc... , and use the internal SLOW ASS 5400RPM 1TB HDD for data storage and/or backups. This, IMO, is better than adding 1TB SSD: - no need to tear the Mini apart (iFixit rates the 2014 Mini as "moderate") - no voiding the warranty - have two storage devices (currently no way to get 2 in the 2014 Mini with no Hybrid option) - no Hybrid drive to automagically make one curse when it automagically won't do something - save $$$ What you will need :: 2.5" SATA enclosure. Will want USB 3.0 and I'd recommend a slim profile. I chose this one: (unsure but I think the 2014 Mini is the first with USB 3.0. If your's doesn't have USB 3.0 you'll want to use Firewire800 or fork out for an enclosure supporting Thunderbolt but thunderbolt stuff is pricey) http://www.amazon.com/Insignia-Desktop-Hard-Drive-Enclosure/dp/B00OU56UBO A decent, speedy SSD. Look for close to 500MB/S read and write. Anything reading "Sandforce controller" will probabIy work great. chose this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820178967&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC-_-pla-_-Solid+State+Disk-_-N82E16820178967&gclid=COe1vr-DzMwCFRCRaQodaeACCA&gclsrc=aw.ds 1) make OS X El Captain install USB stick. - download El Captain Installer from the Apple Store - insert an 8GB or better USB thumb drive and run the following command: sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/MyUSBVolume --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan.app 2) With Mac Mini powered on, unplug all USB devices. 3) Insert USB 3.0 Enclosure (with SSD installed) and re-insert all other USB devices. (i read OS X will give through-put and power priority to the first devices inserted. The USB 3.0 root hub actually divides bandwidth and power to all devices. So don't have any high-powered USB devices or this could maybe not work. :-( 4) Reboot - then hold the Option key. - select your USB El Captain Installer. 5) Follow the installer and install OS X to your new SSD. 6) After install system will reboot - hold the Option key on boot. 7) Select your SSD 8) Follow the Apple "first steps" wizard..... 9) Notice how much better your Mac Mini is. 10) Go to system preferences and make sure your new SSD is the preferred boot drive, in startup manager. Done... Pretty simple for most people in here.... But some Apple people might find this useful. :-)
  15. Do you ever invite girls over? :-P
  16. Apparently a curb is more convenient than a land-full. When I moved couldn't give all my old CRT monitors away. :-(
  17. The San Fransisco 49ers walk into this bar: to watch the playoffs.......
  18. Gaming experience for the price??? 34" 1080P TV or $150.00 monitor? With crappy speakers or crappy video (since 1/4 either goes into cheap speakers and sacrifices display). You forgot a chair to sit in and a room to put it in. Hahaha IF you don't get it: ask a lady to come over for a date. All things being equal she'd rather come over and sit on your couch and play xBox on a 34" 1080p, Rather than go into your little office, sit on a little chair and play video games on a little 150.00 monitor. Why? Better gaming experience. MUCH BETTER. :-) How did we get on this? I forgot? :-P How have things been going Dins? Long time - no debate. Hahahaha
  19. Sometimes. For 1/2 mile you will need to gauge position as well as signal amplification. The higher you are, the better. Also you need to clear shot; no trees, cars passing by, homes, buildings, etc... Get a good high-powered USB device: 1MW or better. Then a good highly directional antenna with max gain, and a really good (may expensive) bi-directional high gain 2.4Ghz RF amplifier. Also use goods pigtails and RF cable; 90% of your loss will be RF bleeding through cables so use short cables as possible and USB where you can. This is doable but depends on good equipment and positioning of that equipment: remember higher than the target and a clear line of site as possible (2.4 and ESPECIALLY 5.2GHZ doesn't go through walls well, especially at distance.) Weather will also play a role: fog, rain, snow will all degrade RF. EDIT: this depends on what you're gonna do. There will be extreme packet loss because of timeouts - LLC will timeout a lot. The furthest I've got good enough signal to run Aircrack was probably a block. Web browsing you can do - but probably not Netflix. Also you can daisy chain RF amplifiers, but will damage equipment sooner or later.
  20. Turning into a Salesforce / GP Ninja. And feeling very violated by the whole thing. :-$

  21. I do like Libre Office. It does what I need. However in business (say using GP Dynamics, ASPX, C# and/or other MS technologies) it has a place. Like maybe exporting data using eConnect from Dynamics GP. One can sit around and fiddle with complex left joins... Or use eConnect and import/export GP Dynamics data to/from Excel (with Office installed) Letting eConnect do all the dirty work of extracting data in tables at the business layer is nice. Also it adds a lot of libraries to C# / VB .Net for importing and exporting other stuff (but of course needs to be installed on the client and dev machine) But again, the average student, office worker, etc... will never need to do that. But they cannot pretty OpenOffice M.S. certs to hang on a cubical Trinitrons were the best! My old 36" was a bitch to lug upto my bedroom though.
  22. PC gaming is dying for several reasons. Mainly because for the price of a PC to rock the latest whiz-bang DX11 graphics - I can get a 1080P TV, XBOX and kick back in my recliner and play. IF you 3 kids are you gonna get an X-Box 1 or a gaming PC you'll need to build for them? 1080P on Vudu looks just fine to most people. They don't want to go to Wal Mart and buy a blue ray. They need to get out of their Lazy Boy recliner to manually change it. Most stuff like that is impulse purchase anyway..... I purchased Crysis and Crysis 2 online. Think it was slimmed down and missing the cut scenes with video (but that is a feature to me). You can love physical medium - but its going bye bye. :-) EDIT: there will always be a niche for PC Gaming. However, its an expensive hobby and (for the most part) requires some degree of technical knowledge to do without games always getting bogged down by poorly configure and under-powered PC's. XBOX 1 or Play Station 4: : $350.00 Decent Low Cost 34": 1080P T.V.: $300.00 HDMI Cable: $15.00 That's under $1000.00 and only plugging in an HDMI cable with two power cables. Gaming machine in really high maintenance for the average Joe who has kids, a day job, and limited time. That's why PC gaming is niche. Unsure what games console are like online. But pretty sure they will be delivered over the Internet soon. But gaming consoles will be the last to lose the drive. As console games do have longer shelf-life than movies.
  23. EDIT: not mention the fact when I was working freelance I needed Office for a three or four projects. I was not forced to buy Office that would need to updated in 3 years (paid). Think I just used a trial of Office 365 for a month then canceled. About two months later I needed Office again. Then paid like $35.00 and canceled again. Also, paying 24 per month is much better (for me) to have access to all JetBrains IDE's. That would have been a an investment of 1000.00. Now if the time comes I find better IDE's I'm not locked into the JetBrains stuff just because I spent over 1000 on all their products. :-) Like Microsoft in the 90's. ;-)
  24. People with dial-up will be left behind. The DVD is going bye-bye... as is software in a box. Windows 10 MS business model that is fading like Microsofts strangle hold on I.T. Microsoft was like Goliath in the 90's. Glad to see them getting surpassed and needing to assess serious risk now. Their business model was software in a box and licensing an operating system and other software for too much money. Even Adobe has changed to cloud. Oh.. and Office 365. I mean you can buy Office in a "box". But for someone on dial-up for any reason (especially if they cannot afford broadband) office 365 and Adobe cloud are far more economical than boxed versions (if someone is needing to dialup for economical reasons - good luck scraping up $300 - $800 for software. But they may be able to afford $30 per month for Office. I don't think games would be a high priority, But they could get a sone they like for 1.29 before the entire CD at 18 - 20). I think Office 365 proves the MS business model of gouging consumers and forcing paid upgrades is going bye bye. Unsure - I read a few years ago iTunes was the 4th largest music seller and only profiting a few million. It's not like putting a Linux FTP server up and letting people download stuff. There are a lot of costs involved in bandwidth (that is non-profitable) and infrastructure. I have noticed even MS is now using slow ass links for trials of their all their products to cut infrastructure costs. Even movies are fading away via physical medium... Apple doesn't even make hard-copies of OS X anymore. Digital music in sales has far surpassed physical medium sales. I mean there are still people that live in the Ozark Mountains and that didn't stop brick and mortar to doing business and succeeding by making products targeted at their market? Never seen a Walmart in the middle of nowhere. Business caters to the masses. I don't think people with dial-up are a huge profitable market. Sucks for people who are dial-up for whatever reason.... But chances of someone who needs to use dialup Internet for whatever reason are unlikely to spend a thousands a year on new software.... But someone with Google fiber is. So.... dial-up users will left with dial-up and old software for whatever reason... Or will need to do what people living in bum-fuck egypt do - figure out a way to get into a place offering what they need (like a Starbucks).
  25. Mac users will tear the thing apart looking for it. Not the post, they're a different breed from BinRev people, that's all. Sorry. :-) Apple was/is a Pioneer of "DVD's should go to the Museum". Unsure: but I think Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison started the "No DVD or software in boxes." thing to kill Microsoft's business model. Unsure but have heard both Steve Jobs and Ellison rant about how software shouldn't be in boxes and in the next sentence talk about how bad Microsoft is/was. (Even though Microsoft did save Apple's ass from bankruptcy)