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  1. Using RAID 6 on servers and think it takes too much a performance hit... Writing is sloooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Maybe over aggregating, but not by much. I am thinking about doing away with RAID 6 at work.... Windows backups from disk are just too slow. However, Veeam works fine since it copies at the VM layer and not so abstracted through the VM and RAID array.... We have a pretty snazzy RAID card too. :-(
  2. The web has changed a lot since the mid 90's as well. +1 for Delphi. Welcome to Binrev.
  3. Did some research and this is totally possible. It would be harder to do load balancing, automatic failover (for current sessions), or static NAT with different IP addresses from the same ISP (the letters BGP are a little beyond my expertise. LOL). The default gateway is just that: the default for when one is unknown. If someone is coming into the box by ip address the routing table should keep track of the session by interface, I think. Just like if you telnet (for example) from your LAN or in from your WAN. Going out just the default gateway could be defined when it needs to be switched. Will post a diagram or something when/if I can get this to work.
  4. I think nvidia uses a grid computing architecture. Basically networking to distribute load amongst different Cuda hosts. That has the potential to be much faster. EDIT: please document this project. I may do the same. This is an awesome idea: DIY Super Computer. SSD's in a RAID 0 Array. Zippidy Zoom...... You'll need to find them inexpensive however. Maybe look for a bulk sale? AMD 8350 for the price. Maybe start out smaller and upgrade.... RAM is about how much you can afford. This thing will be really hot on full load as you described. Video cards get hot as CPU's. About four - 5 boxes with nVidia grid? But that would not be doable for 1000 more than likely. If it were me - I'd start with two systems like Glitch got. But look for something with nvidia grid capabilities (does ATI support something similar? I don't know. Do gamer cards even support nvidia grid? I don't know. But at least research this. You will need to find deals on hardware. Maybe start with a 6 core AMD with a MoBo that is compatible with an 8-Core FX then upgrade when cost goes down. Try to find three nvidia cards that can be SLi's then put into a grid in the future. Repeat every 8 months or when your budget permits. Pretty soon your basement could rival a dreamworks rendering farm. Just an idea. :-)
  5. BIOS/UEFI update? If so hopefully it supports something like Asus Ez Flash (so Windows won't be needed to deliver it).
  6. People from China cannot drive! OMG - are they dangerous....

  7. I never liked CentOS. Installed it once about 4 years: there was not a standard non-X install from the full DVD ISO.. Then tried a minimal install, and it didn't even have tools needed for basic network config to complete the installation online: #>ifconfig -a #>--bash -ifconfig: command not found EDIT: remember just giving up, but not till after trying a full install then removing X. After the initial full install: the network card wasn't coming up by default and the interface was named something like epn5923427. I left CentOS thinking it was complete lunacy. Why not just rename every command to its SHA2 hash? Or why even have root level directories like the standard? /home and /etc/ - be could designated to cryptic stuff like: /rst345349232 and /pyo34234234 "Hello.... built for production and no non-gui and need to type: #>ifconfig eth0 up every time on boot by default, and give interfaces really obscure names using too many characters?????" Too many WTF???? Moments with CentOS. Was easier to just find something else... was convinced the maintainers of CentOS just wanted admins to pull all their out.
  8. Queensryche is from Seattle? It was raining? 1984? War Games was in theaters in 1983, I believe? War-games was filmed in Seattle. Are you David Lightman? Kidding.... But you're post reminded me of Wargames... Think I'll watch that movie tonight. :-)
  9. Want a "cute" ultraportable Linux laptop. Sold the Dell 9344 on eBay with dreams of Linux running on a MacBook from eBay. :-)

  10. I'm sure a few gurus still are. I learned basic Linux commands and administration on Slackware. Worked for a mom and pop ISP, the admin was a retired Navy Administrator. He ran Slackware for co-hosting, RADIUS (to authenticate ISP end-users, POP3, SMTP, DNS; and every other service vital to operations. It did run pretty damn flawlessly.
  11. The only problem is; we are in the USA. Comcast pays a pretty dollar to have unfettered access to local city infrastructure. As far as laying cable, they are the only game in town unless someone has the pockets to outbid "city contracts" for cable. Then there is local city board, FCC Board Members, and state Congressional schmoozing. It goes like this: "Can I have a sit down meeting with my Congress representative?" No, Mr. Vote getter is out of town for the next four weeks. "I'm so and so and probably have a lot offer. I represent a multi-million dollar per quarter company and we have a vested interest.". "Mr. vote getter will be in a Congressional meeting from such and time, to such and such time.". "Great, Comshaft is sending me to represent their interest in Net Neutrality during this meeting. Ask Mr/Mrs Vote getter to meet me at <trendy D.C. high profile>e place for a business meeting. I hear the surf and turf great this time of year. Comshaft limo will pick him/her up after the Congressional meeting."
  12. Nice. Id love one for a vshpere system at home. Cheaper than a lot of Chrome books at Wal Mart, even.
  13. Netgear does support the following, but are crappy still. With that said, I really love this switch: https://www.neweggbusiness.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9B-0XP-000A-00014&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleBiz-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleBiz-PC-_-pla-_-Network+-+Switches-_-9B-0XP-000A-00014&gclid=CjwKEAjwrIa9BRD5_dvqqazMrFESJACdv27GKMaRqCF6jK0Mt5u_TL5FIeHyLVxsBRFLpbVuPP5KOhoCabPw_wcB Ordered it on a freelance job today for a client. I replaced their main switch that went down with another in their building. To replace the one I pulled out: daisy changed three little d-link switches and am running about 10 machines, two VOIP phones, and an AP off my Asus RT-16 with DDWRT (in switch mode). I'm really surprised with my little Asus processing all that traffic. I made a call from a VOIP phone and it was clear as a bell. I'm sure full load on everything would cause issues. But really surprised my little SOHO wireless router with DDWRT was able to fill in until a new main switch arrived. 8-) If it had more ports, wouldn't needed to daisy chain even. Hahaha
  14. Somehow found myself ass deep in telephony today. Punchdown blocks?? I thought Ethernet cable was messy. :-$

    1. docx


      hahahhaha!!!! I remember the first time that happened to me! 


      that was a very cool thing to learn though - using the fingers that is!

    2. tekio


      Uhm... it is fast... but probably would not recommend during business hours. But 110 volts is doable... long as one doesn't hit their head on something falling down.

    3. docx


      Ehh it was never anything that jolting to me -- I was also an admin of a very large modem bank (over 60) and it seemed like somehow when I hit those it was a bit more of a "shocker" than the normal pbx handsets.. Then again it may have been the vicodin..... 

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  15. You need a database for that. ;-) Nice and thanks for the reading. :-)
  16. Static NAT!  This is an awesome concept I used for the first time today. My eyes were never so wide open. :-)

  17. Are you old enough to legally go into a bar? LoL
  18. Seahawks are Wilsons team now? Ok he did great with a legendary secondly: but he forces passes that lost a super bowl and was the difference in an NFC Championship game. Hope he rises up!

  19. Pretty awesome Dins!
  20. Looks like possible Windows firewall? I'd run wireshark or even Microsofts old packet analyzer that has the ability to watch network traffic by application or PID. Then see what's going wrong. Go into Windows firewall and make sure the reversed host is allowed outbound connections from application. I'd set it as a trusted host. If you look at some back posts. A very savvy binrev member (I think his handle was something like Aghaster), did some research on circumventing Windows Firewall for his custom key logger. That is if Windows firewall is in fact the problem. But that's where I'd look here. :-) I am assuming networking between each host has been confirmed as working.
  21. Dude, you impressed me when you fixed the trackpad on that MacBook G3. I pretty much fucked it up good.
  22. 3 - part margarita mix
    1 - part ice

    2 - parts Cabo Wabo
    1 - cute girl with dark hair :-)

  23. I've always liked Ubiquiti stuff. :-) And thinking of what Glitch would do is a good concept. I must admit, Glitch has some skills.
  24. I can picture those being better than netgear. I usually get 48port. Always ask myself - are networking needs going to expand or decline? Usually I answer expand. At least in a mid-sized business.
  25. Something like a Cisco 800 series? I know Cisco wants an arm, leg, and three fingers for integrated VPN licensing. But there is nothing stopping you from using VPN sever inside the DMZ. Switches are tricky to recommend: do you need 1Gbps, Fiber. POE, etc... For something that supports all, I've been pretty happy with Netgear prosumer stuff. I'd get all one brand-model switches if possible just to ease administration. Cisco Catalyst will about twice as much for the same features and harder to administer. The 800 series would have learning curve - but I think everyone who has posted in this thread could pick it up in a day. Basically just a good understanding of networking and finding where to go. And when the web gui has seceded usability IOS administration looks great on a resume Just my 2 cents vs more community solutions mentioned. Both are great options worth exploring IMO.