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  1. OK, I tried and could not boot from usb on my macbook pro. However, the live CD will boot and run with no problems at all. I tested both the live CD of DSL and Ubuntu 7.01 live CD.
  2. Yes, bootcamp will do the job. Here is a google with hits of booting Linux in boot camp: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=m...G=Google+Search Not sure, but I think apple may have took down the d\l page for boot camp since the release of leopard. PM me if you can't find a boot camp download, I'll hook you up with it.
  3. When you say DSL I'm assuming you mean Damn Small Linux, is that correct? If so I do not think it will boot because the mac doesn't have a standard BIOS it uses EMI (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong). It will not boot on an older mac because they use the PPC architecture.
  4. You are correct. I was going off the top of my head. To boot from an external it is CMD-OPT-SHIFT-DELETE
  5. AFAIK Macs will only boot from firewire drives. To do so you hold down T while booting. Try it with USB it may work, not sure. They will also boot from Bootp. TFTP, or over the network. Forgot to mention holding down option key will display all bootable disks. That would be your best bet I think. Newer MAcs do not have a BIOS they use EFI or EMI (forgot the Acronym).
  6. Crossfire is ATI's answer to SLI, which is an nVidia technology. SLI and Xfire split the graphics rendering between two GPUs, one from each card. Ya, wait if you can. When purchasing new systems I always get the best processor affordable to future proof it. Video cards and RAM can always be upgraded. When I have some extra cash I plan on dropping in another eVGA 8800GTS and trying SLI out. I will need a new case as well though. My current case is really small. Best of luck with your surgery, my mom just got out of surgery last November. OH ya, depending on how long you have been with your current employer you can file for unemployment too. Chances are if your employer is cool they will give it to you no questions asked. Unless you have not worked much any judge would rule in your favor and grant you unemployment after a surgery. Look into SSI as well. If you cannot work due to injury or prolonged sickness the federal government will provide you a monthly allowance based on your previous salary. Both have saved my a$$ when unemployed or unable to work.
  7. Yellow Dog Linux supports the original Airport cards and version >= 4.1 has beta drivers for the Airport Extreme (cannot vouch on the reliability of these though).
  8. Nice tool. I wasn't aware of a brute force crawler. I wonder how well it works? Using the windows tool, I once found a hidden upload script the Admin used to upload who knows what to the website. The box was running PHP and an older Linux kernel too. If I were more malicious I could've owned the box in a second.
  9. Go for the system Ohm suggested, it is really good for the price. If your funds allow drop in two of those cards and go for SLI. That would probably top my single 8800GTS. I barely get 24FPS on Crysis running with DirectX 10 with all the settings on high. You might want to wait; save some more cash and go for a Core 2 Duo. I got a good deal on a used E6750/Xfx 650i SLI MoBo off ebay. Purchasing used processors of ebay can be risky at best though.
  10. Here is a tool that may help: http://www.ngolde.de/w3bfukk0r.html there is also one for windows, but I cannot remember the name. For pages listed in google you could try site:thesite.com intext:a.
  11. Does the BIOS generate any beep codes? Did you configure the BIOS for the slaves? Those temps are actually really good. You could probably overclock with temps that low under continuous high CPU loads.
  12. My parents are LDS, the temples have phones exactly like that ... LOL
  13. At one time I listened to Security Now. After the first six episodes they all seem the same, talking about spinrite and astaro for about 15-30 minutes. Now I will listen if they do a subject that interests me. By all means avoid the %4 q&a episodes, they are intolerable. I will check out Hacker Public Radio. It looks fairly decent. Thanks
  14. One thing to look for is a machine that is making DNS queries for all traffic traversing the network. By default some sniffers will perform name translation. Some old MS TCP stacks have flaws that would give away a NIC in promiscuous mode too. C&A will also look for NICs set in promiscuous mode using ARP packets. I tested this in my lab and it is very accurate with Windows hosts, but results vary with Unix. Here is a phrack article dedicated to the subject: http://www.phrack.org/issues.html?issue=54&id=10#article here is another discussing detecting sniffers with ARP packets: http://www.phrack.org/issues.html?issue=54&id=10#article
  15. The Barreta and Cavalier look the best.
  16. When you have a record of computer crimes it will be hard to get a job you may want. People do not want to deal with that and you'll always get passed over by someone with a clean record, even if you are more knowledgeable. When under 18 you would not go to prison and probably not even have a record, but would put your self in a sh***y position. Nothing would even happen depending on losses vs prosecution costs (as stated earlier). If you get into a computer and get something like credit card numbers then the Feds will be after your prosecution as well....
  17. I'm not aware of anything for Windows but at the Defcon a few years ago there was a presentation about a tool called Morph. This tool uses packet purgatory to change the characteristics of Linux to fool tools which perform active stack finger printing. It will make Linux look like Windows or FreeBSD. With windows you could use a SOHO router and forward a few ports to a Windows box and a few to a Linux box. If the router was scanned it may fool tools such as nmap, not sure though. link to Morph: <a href="http://www.synacklabs.net/projects/morph/" target="_blank">http://www.synacklabs.net/projects/morph/</a>
  18. Irongeek has a really good primer of some pen-testing tools. http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=security/ppchack
  19. As far as I know you need to tunnel an encrypted channel inside UDP or TCP. If you have not already go to twit.tv and look up security now. Steve Gibson is not my hero but he does an excellent job of explaining what you want to know.... Forgot to mention you want all the VPN episodes.
  20. You can use a VPN something like Hamachi I guess. As for email just use Gmail with your favorite email client. Gmail uses SSL for both incoming and outgoing messages. and authentication. When using web mail just make sure you login on a secured SSL connection. gmail only encrypts the login page. the rest of your email session is wide open. If the web browser is pointed directly to https://mail.google.com the entire session will be encrypted. I should have been more clear about that.
  21. You can use a VPN something like Hamachi I guess. As for email just use Gmail with your favorite email client. Gmail uses SSL for both incoming and outgoing messages. and authentication. When using web mail just make sure you login on a secured SSL connection.
  22. Hello, Just wanted to get some advice on this before purchasing too much stuff. Recently, I purchased an IBM thinkpad to take on the bus with me and will also want to use it as a wardriving machine. Here are the brief specs: Intel Pentium M 366 Mhz Processor!! 128 MB PC ram!! 20.0 GB Hard Drive!! INTERNAL HIGH SPEED CD-ROM Already, I own a cantenna with about a 14+ DBI gain and a Seneao CDII pcmcia card with Prism3 chipset (also, plan on getting a good Atheros and Orinocco as well). I plan on getting a good USB drive to store all the captures, this way they can easily be brought to a desktop for analysis (ok, just for cracking).Also, I plan on getting the most RAM and the largest HD that can fit in this thing. I do not want to run Linux or Windows. Really, would like to get BSD airtools running on the latest version of FreeBSD. I read that openBSD actually comes with as stock kernel that will run Airtools on install. is this still true? Is this machine going to run Fluxbox and X ok? It was designd to run and comes with Windows 2000 Pro (i know this has nothing to do with putting a Unix on it, just wanted to specify what was designed to power out of the box). What do you think of BSD airtools? Are they as good as Aircrack?
  23. thanks for the link. Since this is an older thinkpad it should run BSD fine. I got a thinkpad because most of them play nicely with Unixes. Furthermore, it has older hardware that should be fully supported in one release or another. If FreeBSD does not work I'll try open and then net BSDs. If all else failes back to the trusty Debian Testing......
  24. On a sidenote it keeps closing the server connection b/c the card is in AUTOFIT mode. Strangly however I did type "iwconfig eth1 mode monitor" and it went to another line that is blank..so I'm guessing that means the cmd worked. To find out if it worked do an iwconfig eth1 and it should state the crard is in monitor mode. As for it working can it detect any wireless networks. (yours maybe)? It could be that your card's driver reports the signal levels different than Kismet understands. Also, if Kismett.conf is set up for the correct driver it should put the card in monitor mode at startup. When I put my card (running HostAP) into monitor mode and then start Kismet an error will be generated. I think backtrak (a live wireless auditing linux cd) has a special ISO for your particular card. Give that a try and copy the configuration they have to your installed linux.
  25. I'm kind of thinking this is not the answer you're looking for and is something you possibly already know. Both THC-Scan ,Phone Sweep, and iWar for Unix do a decent job of detecting the remote carrier system type. Also in every edition of Hacking Exposed there is a table of various default login prompts and the systems they represent. Sorry, I was thinking of the pages where HE identifies some PBXs by their banners. I did q quick check of the modem scan help file. It uses a "nudge technique" to retrieve additional data from the remote system. This is preformed by sending a specified amount of new line characters.