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  1. I didn't get it either. I usually don't click on Glitch's links, though. ;-)
  2. $employment = ($tekio->employmentStatus == 1 ) ? DevOps Engineer : FreeLancer;



    1. Kulverstukas


      Nice. But you forgot the quotes :P

    2. tekio


      You are assuming someone doent use quotes to avoid playing games with SQLi filters. 

  3. Nice! You have experience in PHP, SQL, some Python, Linux, OS X, and Windows Server. What about VAX and Cobol? 


    Serious! This sounds interesting. 

  4. Someone hacked my Gibson? 

    1. tekio


      The security of a Guild S-100 Polara is hard as Kim Thayil's riffs. 

  5. Does drinking Rum all day make an alcoholic or a Pirate? 

    1. tekio


      Yes. Lots of Rum there, too. Thank you. 

    2. tweeks


      since most pirates are alcoholics anyway, i vote for it making you a pirate.  ARRRRRRRRRRRRR 


  6. Tiger poking! Now that is a sport amongst men.

  7. I see. We prefer Wordpress. Do you have Wordpress experience?


    Yes, I do. I can fix your Wordpress issues without a "plugin". :-P

  8. Motherfuckin shit, fuckin with me... Fuck a skank bitch and a sucker MC Cuss words, just let 'em roll... Mother fucking, shit, goddam ass(-)?ho(l)?e.... Cuss words just don't quit, mother fuck you damn shit head bitch... - Too Short about 1990ish. Just made me happy to not get censored on the Interwebz anymore. :-)
  9. Dang! Cobain, Staley, and Cornell! Grunge is official dead. RIP. :-(

  10. Reply with anything else: You drink coffee with lunch more often than not. You keep the coffee warm for later that day. You knew the day statutes of limitations expired but didn't have it marked on a calendar You have "1337" on a resume You got the job...
  11. PEAR is cool! Not because it is cool, but because it is kinda useful. 

  12. That hideous laughing when your boss orders 4 5-year old, "refurbished"  i7 systems against your own recommendations and 4/4 do not work properly.  


    "Because office users need an i7 for email and web browsing". ;-)

  13. AMD Ryzen 8 core HT. Want! :-)

  14. Is it posible (or easy as it seems in theory) to dual home a host, then statically NAT each NIC via a separate gateway, each gateway answering incoming requests from a different ISP? So say... one day users can connect to nic1.a-domain.net, then also connect to nic2.a-domain.net; in case one ISP is down? Never really tried this before? EDIT: Been reading and from what I get it should be ok so long as both IP's are from a range not using the same ASN number? And traffic is not expected to automagically failover in an outage? Anyone tried this before with success?
  15. Nice idea, jfalcon! My Cisco/WAN skills are not the best in the world. :-(
  16. Marijuana, Marijuana, LSD, LSD Mrs. Johnson makes it... all the teachers take it. Why can't we? Why can't we? If you're looking for the Principal, he's hanging on the flag pole. With a ruler through his head, filled with dirty pencil lead. EDIT: almost forgot The Stoner's Cheer 1995ish: Party hardy, sex and rock & roll. Drink a 1/5th then smoke a bowl We are stoners, we got class. Fuck with us, we'll kick your ass. In middle school, every kid with long hair had that on his Pee-Chee or Trapper Keeper. LoL
  17. Walking through Office with dick in hand.. We call Willy C. Trailer Park Man... Peeks in a stall? What did he see? Monica and Gennifer trying to take a pee...... Media started to talk, each intern described the same cock... The Clintons' career got impeached from the Pennsylvania block.... :-P Early 80's something: Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to give her poor dog a bone. When Mother bent over, Rover took over and her a bone of his own. 1st Grade Reading Class: "Say <person's sister's name> may I", then spell cup. Most I will not post in respect to current racial tensions in the USA.
  18. Seriously, if the sign at the door reads, "Please seat yourself". Any vacant seat in the establishment is fair game.

  19. Haha. I cannot post that online for security reasons. Where I live for POTS, Clink is pretty much the only game in town. So perhaps that is why have things like that. It is pretty ridiculous for a Telco to charge a new customer money for gracing their service offerings. I guess it makes sense if someone leaves in a few days after running copper. I'd ask them for a discount on services over a few months to counter cost in setup and running copper. You're wanting to be a customer to a dying service they provide. Ask to speak with manager, tell 'em you're looking for better POTS service. Then follow up with, "I cannot see it being better? If I need to pay for being a customer? Can you a least knock off $10.00 per month over 12 months? To cover the setup fees?" "OK, no then? What makes your service so much better than the others? Do you not want someone who has a need for an analog line long term? To me, that sounds like a great customer for you? What am I missing? By the looks of Clink stock, you guys can use all the money you can get over the next two years? Who do I elevate my concerns to?" . EDIT: The areas I've lived in Clink pretty much has all the copper infrastructure. But think they need allow 3rd parties access to aggregate service on their copper. All the copper was operated by Pacific Bell. When the bell companies broke up, it basically changed to U.S. West. It was still the same except long distance could be changed to MCI, Sprint, AT&T, etc... Then US West changed to Qwest and 3rd parties started coming (About the mid to late 1990's) and aggregating service of copper infrastructure and C/O equipment that was originally Pacific Bell and later US West -> Qwest -> Clink. So. Windstream could come in and say, "we meet the requirements to offer service in your area. We have these numbers and you need to provide us with access to your copper for our customers (probably at a fee)." Maybe not 100% but something like that. Never been around back east but always thought Nynex and all the others were similar.
  20. We use Clink POTS lines at work for FAX machines and a few other things (also DSL on POTS for our backup Internet connection). But actually found a local 3rd party that resells Clink POTS offering the same service for about $10.00 per month less with WAY better customer service. They have already bought a huge pool of numbers routed them to Clink, then resell through Clink. Clink POTS lines, depending on where you live, should be the most ubiquitous as they (indirectly) inherited a lot of infrastructure in the west from the Ma-Bell divestiture. Guessing your home must have been built in the last 20 years if there is no POTS easily accessible or at one time was not hooked up to Clink or US West.
  21. I'm sorry, Mr. Server 2012 Core. But Windows was not made for CMD administration like Linux. Maybe in 2016.

  22. How come when the NSA does it, it's cyber intelligence and not Facebook Stalking?

  23. You need to figure out where it is failing. Firewalled? Do some packet tracing and network diagnostics. EDIT: Do people still visit security forums from their home Internet connection?
  24. Would be interesting to see Perl 6 officially official the same day Python 2.X is officially unofficial. :-)

  25. Take note P. Carroll: we don't pass and 2nd and goal to lose a Super Bowl. Not even with T. Brady and NOT M. Lynch. ;-)

    1. tekio


      "used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people considered together.
      "shall we have a drink?"
      People who wouldn't call a pass on 2nd and goal. Like well... everybody besides Pete Carroll.