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  1. After careful recursive thinking; I have determined it's impossible to boycott the act of boycotting.

  2. Awaiting the new Star Wars movie. So excited!

  3. Life is good (at least for the moment).

  4. You need to find a unique string and a way to search for it reliably. What I would do: write a google scraper in Perl, Python or Ruby. Then search for a specific string in the source: like an authorize.net url in a form for payment processing. Then you could use different Google queries (or Dorks) in your scrpaer that will return no false positives, It suggest learning advanced google operators: https://bynd.com/news-ideas/google-advanced-search-comprehensive-list-google-search-operators/ I'd also advise approaches in this: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CB0QFjAAahUKEwjV26HTw__IAhVL9GMKHas-DXQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.blackhat.com%2Fpresentations%2Fbh-europe-05%2FBH_EU_05-Long.pdf&usg=AFQjCNEqAvZYR9BhU0Jz-smv2CoOngmNVg&sig2=kTrkejxJbTSoaZ-dRWYfSw A primer, Black Hat presentation by Johnny Long; author of Google Hacking For Pen Testers.
  5. On the agenda: migrating AD from SBS 2011 to Server 2012 R2; implementing FT/HA virtual for DB and AD, in RAID 6.... 1337?

  6. Got to use my 1337 H@x0r skills at work to catch a script kiddie. Buhahahha!

  7. Happy Halloween Binrev H@xors.

  8. Nice! Looks like a "hack" to me.
  9. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13111633/write-mplayers-output-to-fifo-and-read-it
  10. Thought a Sys Admin job would be like a rockstar. This is hard work - but learning something new everyday (mostly trial by fire)

  11. I'd go to http://distrowatch.com/and check out each one. Load each in a VM, and update them. Most distro's will run a lot better with all updates applied. things to look for: - your needs. Are you wanting a production server? Running it on a laptop? Using it to learn Linux? Or a specialized, niche use? - Support community. The bigger the better, open-source thrives with a larger following. - Package management system. Any good distro will have a well documented package management system that is robust with a decent repository. - How well maintained is the distro? There is a lot to be said for the veterans: Fedora Core, Ubuntu, Mint. Arch, and Debian. Only you can decide what is best for you. Some personal suggestions from experience: Best hardware support out of the box (and easy to use): Mint, Debian, Arch, Fedora Core, Ubuntu, Centos (desktop) Best for a production server: Centos, Ubuntu (server, not desktop), Debian Best for learning Linux: Gentoo, Debian, Arch All in all: I think Debian is a great choice for a new Linux user. It really hits every aspect. But you should try for yourself to see which is best for you. :-)
  12. Windows Server and Exchange are really goofy.. Cannot see why someone would want cloud-based Exchange over Google Corporate Services. :-$

  13. Python would have been better: for cookie in cookieMonster:
  14. Site still the same warning with no news from the maintainer. I see no reason to switch back from VeraCrypt, now. For all I know they have been busy putting in backdoors for the NSA
  15. Snowden is looking VERY Russian as of late. Damn... I thought everyone else was skinny - Americans really are FLUFFY!

  16. Drinking coffee, Pepsi, watching The Matrix, writing Perl, and (kinda) getting paid to do it. :-)

    1. tekio


      Pizza. Frozen, but it covered veggies, dairy, and stuffed crust.

      I had to be double sure on the caffeine thing.

  17. Fresh BIOS update for the XPS 13, and rolling Linux again. Trackpad has not crashed Xorg for 8 hours. Woo hoo!

  18. Time to do some house cleaning: x2 1TB disks in a RAID0 array on my NAS 92% full.

  19. Got my first pair of reading glasses. The good news - I can read and type w/o half guessing what I'm reading/typing. The bad news- I'm wearing reading glasses. :-$

  20. I've tried getting a 206 area code with numerous different accounts - even on my cell.. Apparently it was easier to get a Google Voice from Silicon Valley (area) even Mountain View. :-( Would love to have: 206-404-1337. Hell, I'd love to have any: ***-404-1337. EDIT: but not now. Someone on the forums would pwn it with their asterisk box or a bathroom wall.
  21. When someone jibs on elance: don't give them the source code, and search for someone else looking for the same thing - change the company name, and sell it for more. Lesson: company names in code should always be a CONSTANT that is easy to edit quickly.

  22. I git it! Installing now. :-)
  23. I don't read PDF's on my Windows computer. It's not designed like Unix and gets pwned by Adobe 0-days. :-(
  24. Go Seahawks! Go M's!