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  1. Congrats to the Cubs! I know they have a fan on BinRev.

  2. It probably uses TCP/IP stack fingerprinting. Different operating systems use different default parameters in the way they send a DCHP request. Like: how many requests, timeout in requests, response timeouts, flags set. To hide the o/s you could just set a static IP address. However, still, other TCP/IP parameters can be monitored in broadcast traffic and matches with known finger prints. There are some parameters that can be changed: in Linux when compiling the kernel or in /proc/sys. Windows stores some in the registry. To anser all your questions requires some research and you will probably need to do that for yourself. As for Aruba OS - there should be a hardware compatibility list. It probably uses the FreedBSD or Linux kernel. So you can find out what kernel it uses and hardware support for that kernel. Once I got to reading "Aruba" networks, and saw no download link. I'm guessing this Aruba O/S costs at least a few thousand dollars to implement and they will want another few grand shelled out for the slightest training. You'll save yourself some hard earned dollars by research "TCP / IP Stack Finger Printing" and taking the time of looking into some good open source tools.
  3. I'm really liking my WRT1200AC. OfficeDepot had them on sale for 99.00. :-) I think the 1900 AC are 199.00
  4. Xfinity HotSpots are jamming the 2.4Ghz range. Where is the FCC to protect consumers who oppose this? 

  5. Please post your research when completed? This sounds really interesting. Thought it wouldn't work for you, but just thought I'd bring in up. More as being inquisitive. :-)
  6. Thinking that using a Linux is the only way to keep privacy intact at this point in tech life. Long live Tux! 
    1. dinscurge


      maybe :P what about dem site breaches like the hosting for linux mint, ubuntu forums. i mean  anything affiliated with a company in the us probably not free from possible gov inquiries same as google and who ever else. soo.. probably more obscure stuff where less of a target for hacks and stuff on a userbase basis, or a roll your own

    2. tekio


      Dins, no offense, but I see your tech level at about a script-kiddie with potential. Nothing you post has earned tons of respect from me. Sorry - but honesty presents the best outcome at times. :-)

    3. dinscurge




      was saying the distro of choice makes a difference, being say cononical had that spyware thing where they gave information to amazon, or linux mint had their servers compromised, and had the iso replaced with one which had been modified.


      would probably lean towards more strictly community based, or a roll your own(lfs), but mainly researching the distro in question, the default configuration(s) they are not at all created equally, assuming one wanted to be certain it was spyware free/secure.

  7. OH... I see. Now I understand why scratchy was always looking for WinXP. Haha
  8. Oh... War Dialing? Hahaha.. Yes - he wants an older laptop or one with a serial port. Make sure it doesn't have a "win modem". A cheaper one where the modem manufacturer left a lot of functionality to the operating system and software. When I was doing this stuff, used an IBM thinkpad t30: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/ibm-t30-laptop EDIT: my favorite was iWar on Linux: https://sourceforge.net/projects/iwar/ I just installed Ubuntu (I think Ubuntu 9 or 10) or Debian Woody natively on the T30, did an apt-get update && apt-get install iwar and it just worked. Much easier than playing with Windows Micro-Kernel drivers. :-)
  9. Why not buy an older laptop off eBay with a builtin modem? What is Auto-Janning? You may need to figure out what software you want to use and what modem chipsets it supports. Pretty much forgot everything I knew about modems. But if you use the search feature BinRev contains a lot of information about modems. I've made a few posts years ago... EDIT: there are now USB modems, but these may not work with older software that expect a standard serial port. There are libraries that convert these to something that will work through USB. But it may be easier to just get an older laptop with a builtin modem or real serial port.
  10. Could you use a Sling Box?
  11. Tekio loves drinking coffee and programming all night. :-)

  12. I didn't get that. Just remembered a while back you were always having trouble getting Linux on your Sparc Station: keyboard drivers, etc....
  13. Maybe upgrade your CPU? EDIT: :-P
  14. There are several utilities to blank out the password in the SAM file. Getting around Windows physical security is trivial - unless one wants to get to encrypted files. Then the password needs to be cracked. Will need to try Funk's method. If Sticky Keys runes as SYSTEM, that could be interesting. :-)
  15. Saw this and laughed...