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  1. DMZ on your Internet with exploitable services and an IDS in place to see if people are still scanning for these?
  2. Haha! Hardware and software condoms! If I am not mistaken, there is a pretty serious security issue with the way USB works. The firmware pretty much needs to be signed or read-only and signed. Not that I could exploit it. But underestimating cyber-criminals is how Admins get burnt, usually. :-( EDIT: apologies to BinRev for misuse of the term "hacker" on here.
  3. Seriously, sounds like a fun. But would need some kind of USB Condom. This is why Admins need to be a hardass with USB drives and personal computing devices plugged into a corporate LAN. :-P
  4. No. Before my tenure the entire company was down for 48 hours due to cryptolocker from a ThumbDrive. That was inconvenient for the owner who lost 48 hours worth of business. Of course Managers, Owners, IT people, and senior sales staff received training from IT and were in allowed security groups. Honestly, it worked out great for end users and IT. They had reliable systems for work and IT was able to provide better IT services w/o needing to worry every time Randsomeware was headlined.
  5. Mainly for booting Linux and repair utilities. Never bring them to work anymore unless they are property of my employer. Too much crossing lines with corporate computing policy. For moving stuff around between computers, an Android phone with a web-based file browser is the way to go at work, IMO. Never need to plug into a computer and is ok by most any corporate computing policy with employee wifi My last job as a sys admin, actually locked USB Storage in Group Policy for all but two or three privileged security-groups. Too much can go wrong, and if I saw someone who was not authorized plugging in a thumb drive, it was mine to interrogate for security including: virus, illegal downloads, or any other illegal activity or violating policy defined by corporate computing policy. Event Viewer would tell me who and where these were being denied by GPO as well. For personal use. I do always have a low-profile 32GB thumb drive plugged into my laptop, though. Gives another 32GB of storage that can be faster via sneaker-net than most crappy WiFi networks. Agree 100% with glitch on using non-trusted computers. Also, bonus points if those are 5" floppy disks.
  6. I didn't get it either. I usually don't click on Glitch's links, though. ;-)
  7. $employment = ($tekio->employmentStatus == 1 ) ? DevOps Engineer : FreeLancer;



    1. Kulverstukas


      Nice. But you forgot the quotes :P

    2. tekio


      You are assuming someone doent use quotes to avoid playing games with SQLi filters. 

  8. Nice! You have experience in PHP, SQL, some Python, Linux, OS X, and Windows Server. What about VAX and Cobol? 


    Serious! This sounds interesting. 

  9. Someone hacked my Gibson? 

    1. scratchytcarrier


      Les Paul's spirit must be watching over you!

    2. tekio


      The security of a Guild S-100 Polara is hard as Kim Thayil's riffs. 

  10. Does drinking Rum all day make an alcoholic or a Pirate? 

    1. scratchytcarrier


      It's your funeral.

    2. tekio


      Yes. Lots of Rum there, too. Thank you. 

    3. tweeks


      since most pirates are alcoholics anyway, i vote for it making you a pirate.  ARRRRRRRRRRRRR 


  11. Tiger poking! Now that is a sport amongst men.

  12. I see. We prefer Wordpress. Do you have Wordpress experience?


    Yes, I do. I can fix your Wordpress issues without a "plugin". :-P

  13. Motherfuckin shit, fuckin with me... Fuck a skank bitch and a sucker MC Cuss words, just let 'em roll... Mother fucking, shit, goddam ass(-)?ho(l)?e.... Cuss words just don't quit, mother fuck you damn shit head bitch... - Too Short about 1990ish. Just made me happy to not get censored on the Interwebz anymore. :-)
  14. Dang! Cobain, Staley, and Cornell! Grunge is official dead. RIP. :-(

  15. Reply with anything else: You drink coffee with lunch more often than not. You keep the coffee warm for later that day. You knew the day statutes of limitations expired but didn't have it marked on a calendar You have "1337" on a resume You got the job...