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  1. Would be interesting to see Perl 6 officially official the same day Python 2.X is officially unofficial. :-)

  2. Take note P. Carroll: we don't pass and 2nd and goal to lose a Super Bowl. Not even with T. Brady and NOT M. Lynch. ;-)

    1. scratchytcarrier
    2. tekio


      "used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people considered together.
      "shall we have a drink?"
      People who wouldn't call a pass on 2nd and goal. Like well... everybody besides Pete Carroll.
  3. Gotta give kudos to Leo Laporte: he respects the skill set of hackers and tells the world how it is with technology! :)

  4. Writing, drinking Margaritas, watching it snow and learning. If only this paid more $$$$. :-(

  5. Lenovo's are nice, Glitch! My favorite laptop ever was my Thinkpad T30. Lasted about 5 years and only ended up on eBay because a RAM bank went out. Left me with a max of 500GB. Think that was by far the best Windows based notebook I've had by far: all quality parts from the U.S. Robotics 56K modem - to the Prism WiFi Chipset. Loved that notebook.
  6. Steve Job's philosophy: how it works should be opaque to the end-user. It should offer a great end-user experience. A fan takes away from that. My bedroom has a Mac-Mini sitting on my desk, within reaching distance of my bed. It is ultra-quiet. No so for a 3.6Ghz i5 with a high powered nvidia GPU/ Like you mentioned, how many people run JTR for 48 hours? LoL I think that is a big reason Apple uses lowered powered CPU's. I mean how many times have you seen a laptop that sounded nice on paper? i7, 32GB ram, snazzy nVidia GPU. But the display is ultra dim, keyboard feels like poo, and it heats up so badly it needs to be on a desk propped up, and sounds like a Hoover vacuum cleaner from 1982. Not so for a MacBook Pro: aluminum uni-body construction helps dissipate heat w/o high revving fans. Display is top-notch, keyboard and trackpad are top-notch. But its a laptop. If you want video editing get a Mac Pro. If you want games get Windows. Total Steve Jobs philosophy in play, still. Not saying its for everyone. But is what it is. :-)
  7. I had an iMac, once. Kind of funny; left it running JTR for two days and returned to see a huge black spot on the inside of the screen. On the bright side, I knew exactly where the CPU was located. :-)
  8. With the Xeon, you could say its a machine built for about $20.00 that will run circles around an $800.00 Mac Mini. ;-)
  9. "supported" == don't call us, if you are getting kernel panics with something else. ;-) That Xeon also supports non-eec, assuming the MoBo does not complain, I'd use non-eec on a desktop. Unless one needs uptimes in the months - to years.... unsure the overhead of EEC is beneficial.
  10. I'll call that a shellacking. Hard to win NFL playoff games when the Lineman are stepping on the QB in their own end zone. 

  11. Actually, had an interview a few years ago and the lead I.T. guy really dawged me, because I didn't know Chef. I asked, "if I know Linux and Python how hard could it be? How many systems are you deploying each day?" After the discussion shifted to OS X, I pretty much got he was a gommer and didn't want someone who knew too much. "Yes... I love OS X, there is something to be said for a Unix operating system I could recommend to my Grandma' I.T. Admin Guy: "Really? I like it because of Open Directory structure for user and groups. It simplifies user and group and management... We look at things professionally...". Me: "Microsoft has been doing that since Server 2000? Active Directory is really light-years beyond OS X based Open Directory for professional use?". At that point figured he was just wasting time. Funny, he was an Autrailain guy living in the USA and ranting how Alibaba did not have chance in the USA because Americans were racist bigots. Haha. Thanks, I'll check that out after some NodeJS and JQueryUI/BootStrap.
  12. Layered encryption really wears an HDD out fast!  Thought I had a good idea. :-(

  13. Yes. I am actually doing a CentOS tutorial for a Lynda(ish) company. CentOS is great with the GUI. To put my comment in light: "I wish CentOS had an out-of-the-box CLI version like Ubuntu server. I really need to learn Puppet. Like really, badly now. So hard to keep skills up-to-date these days, I miss the 90's and cushy I.T. work. When I installed the minimal CentOS for a CMD install: I jumped through a million hoops to get WiFi working. Was not please to see: adapter: wisdf9i80s8ifs08fsdfsdf0. I could not copy and paste. :-( My memory sucks and the hardest part of the job (despite trying to find packages) was memorizing wsiakjjkwresadfsadflk;kjl90. Finally renamed then to: wifi0 and eth1. :-) After reading, yes, ifconfig is now considered obsoleted. Guess I can blame that on myself and not keeping up. But it is still there with every other distro. I'll possibly think of updating my skillset instead of bitching and complaining. :-/
  14. Thought writing would be fun. :-(  Complete new CentOS Admin Tutorial in 3! 1... 2... (wait, my coffee needs refill)... 

  15. Also it allows Admin to set rules in a Windows Domain. Worked for a company where executives were allowed to stream iTunes and anything they wanted. But not so for customer service people. Simple: apply firewall rules to Windows Security Groups in GP. :-)