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  1. I'm going to Outerz0ne and looking to share a room. I reserved a room (at the non-con rate) just in case but I'd rather dump it and split a room with someone else. If you are interested send me a pm. Thanks!
  2. Hey all. As droops mentioned it is now illegal to engage in locksport in Tennessee unless you are a licensed locksmith. Linkage: ALOA's "English" version of the law: The actual law: (g) No person who is not licensed under this act shall possess, use, sell, or offer to sell any code book, lock picking tool, manipulation key, try-out key, safe opening tool, or car opening tool. (h) No person shall sell, offer to sell, or give to any person not licensed under this act any code book, lock picking tool, manipulation key, try-out key, safe opening tool, or car opening tool. There are a few exemptions listed that could be plausable, but unless anyone knows a recently deceased locksmith that I can claim left me a bunch of picks I don't want to try selling again this year. I was suspicious if it was somehow related to last years PhreakNIC but after looking closer I realized that it was passed well before PNX, it didn't take effect until July 2007 though. It's also worded loosely enough to cover bump keys although it doesn't mention them by name. Oh yes, it also covers safe cracking. So, sitting in your own home minding your own business you can now commit several new crimes. I was really interested in giving a talk on lockpicking and advanced locks this year but not being allowed to discuss picking pretty much killed it. I may try to come up with something else though but it's looking grim.
  3. I'm dipping my toe in the water, anyone here still got space in their room? I'll pay my portion and throw food/booze/hax your way as well.
  4. Good job on the video. I brought equipment but was too busy to use any of it, maby at the next con.
  5. The price came down to $1337. This gets you into DEFCON as well as a chartered flight to the Chaos Computer Camp site in Berlin immediately following that. I'm making serious considerations to going but I can't go unless enough people do it too and this gets off the ground. They are asking for at least $680 down by June 15th to verify you will be going. What the Hacker Foundation is providing: * Admission to DefCon * Airfare from Las Vegas to Frankfurt * Special charter flight from Frankfurt to Finow Airport, the location of the CCC2007 * Admission and Accommodations at CCC2007 * Open-ended return flight from Berlin to Major US Cities (pick when you want to come back!) What you still need to account for: * Transportation to DefCon * Lodging at DefCon * Food HoAP Wiki: Other info: I've never been to DEFCON or a CCC event so this will be a whirlwind of a week. Mailing list for updates: info[@] -dosman
  6. Pft, I've got a 4-way quad-core POWER5 (16 cpu's) at work going completely unused, I can turn out seti@home numbers like you wouldn't believe. And for those that may not be aware the CCC puts on other events also but the Chaos Computer Camp only happens every 4 years.
  7. We will have several kick-ass pranks setup. Keep an eye out for interesting things and come prepared, old school.
  8. The Packet Sniffers will be there hosting the Lock Picking Pagoda. We'll have lots of different picking and bumping gear for sale and also have locks available all weekend long to pick. I'll also have several high security locks and cutaways there.
  9. Even through the question was answered I don't get to quote batch files very often anymore. This runs in the background and waits for a given drive letter to show up; at that point it dumps the new drive letter to your desktop in a new directory. The only trick is the ability to delay between cycles, unix tools for windows are good or an old copy of choice for batch files works well. @echo off rem XP batch file - checks for insertion of a new drive letter, then copies rem all files from it to a local drive and exits. rem The nul device exists in every directory which allows this to work. set FLASHDRV=H: set LOCALPATH=%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\flash_drive :loop if exist %FLASHDRV%\nul goto execute rem you may have to roll your own sleep util sleep 5 rem choice /N /C:Key /T:Key,Delay < CLOCK$ > NUL goto loop :execute echo Copying files from %FLASHDRV% to %LOCALDRV%... if not exist "%LOCALPATH%\nul" md "%LOCALPATH%" xcopy %FLASHDRV%\*.* "%LOCALPATH%" /g /r /e /c /y exit
  10. I've got an old tube tester but I've never had the need to test any tubes (yet). I don't know if it even works, I've had the thing for close to a decade now. Mine is in a large wooden case.
  11. mud

    Moo coding (MUD) is a lot of fun. On one Moo I was helping on they had a bot duplicate for every player on the system. Late one evening I was bored and added some code to the parent object that allowed all the bots to randomly steal the objects of players in the same room as them. A couple days later I logged in and ran into a bewildered player who encountered this new capability. Apparently about a dozen of them had ran into the same room as him, mugged him of all his objects, and then all ran out of the room. I think it was the most hilarious thing I had ever heard of on a Moo. Yea, you can have lots of fun and learn quite a bit. I think the thing that makes MUD/Moo coding so much fun is that your code actually interacts with people in a direct way. I don't know much about common MUD's but Moo's have some really nice networking capabilities too. You could think of it as having IRC servers that can communicate with each other. I can't really program but I can do enough with Moo code to do some interesting things. It's a little ugly but it gets things done I couldn't do otherwise.
  12. I tried to search the forums on lockpicking to see if it is discussed much here but it was just hanging (yay forum problems). Anyway, I've started a wiki on locks and picking called Lockenpedia: I'm always interested in finding pictures and info on locks but there's not too much of this info online (TOOOL has published some great information though). Some of the places that do have this info tend to rub me the wrong way with their attitudes towards ownership and guarding of information so I've started this project to provide a free and unhindered resource for the locksport community. We've got a few articles on locks but mostly we have pictures for now. I've been slowly collecting some rare and unusual locks and have been putting pics up on the wiki (Sargent & Greenleaf 831b, a few payphone locks, the EVVA magnetic lock, and other high security locks). This is the exact type of thing I've been wanting to find for a while now so I decided to just start it myself. I've got virtually unlimited storage space for photos and videos to support this project, this could be the for lock picking if others wanted to help . So anyway, come check us out! If you are interested in writing articles about locks, picking locks, locksmithing tools, techniques, or taking photos of your tools and locks we would love to have your contributions. Or just come by to see what we have. All feedback is welcome, thanks!
  13. Yes, LP101. They have their reasons for what they do but some of the attitudes there just irk me. Even TOOOL has information they don't provide publicly but LP101 is community driven so I don't agree with the 'you cant discuss that here because your not in our advanced club' mentality. They also have a strong desire to qwell discussions about any other lockpicking sites except their own, just try sending yourself a PM with for one (There are other examples too). I've tried to keep Lockenpedia under the radar there so it's not banned (yet). They do have a lot of good information and I appreciate the info they do provide publicly though. I'm happy to see information about them included in Lockenpedia, I have refrained from doing so myself since I'm biased.
  14. Firstly, I am not endorsing pirate radio, just voicing some opinions and providing information. A couple things to consider. Ham operators are not allowed to broadcast in the technical sense, ie: only two-way conversations are allowed. One way transmissions like what you hear on your AM/FM radio are not allowed with just a Ham license. Truthfully you're going to be better off not getting any license if you intend to be a pirate. (Ham + pirate = loss of license + fines / no license + pirate = just fines or a slap on the wrist depending on circumstances). Next, I would highly encourage you to study FCC regulations pertaining to "unidentified transmissions" (Which your pirate station would be considered since it doesn't have an FCC assigned call-sign). If you are going to knowingly do something wrong you need to understand the full consequences of your actions so you can be prepared. If you are a large enough nuisance (next paragraph) the FCC will take your radio, all associated gear, and even the property it's located at. This means you can loose your house if you are broadcasting from there. However it's very unlikely it would come to that unless you where causing very significant problems. The nuisance factor. Honestly, a clean low power FM transmitter that only gets a couple miles of distance shouldn't draw too much attention. Here is how to get yourself caught though: use a miss-aligned transmitter or big linear amp that you can pick up across the entire FM dial (Or across several kHz of spectrum on the shortwave band). If you can pick up your station on multiple frequencies (Harmonics) then you are asking for trouble because it means your transmitter is malfunctioning. Whatever transmitter you get check the harmonics with a scanner and be certain it's not generating excess noise. A harmonic is a multiple of your transmission frequency. So, if you are transmitting on 98.1MHz, harmonic frequencies would be 196.2MHz, 294.3MHz, 392.4MHz, 490.5MHz, ect. Also check for splatter around your center frequency and the air band (108MHz-137MHz), you definitely don't want pilots hearing you instead of the control tower while they are landing. If your transmitter is jamming a police or emergency service channel you will get noticed very quickly and 'stopped'. Personally I don't have a problem with the idea of pirate transmissions, however it's unfortunate that most pirates don't realize the true problems they can cause and why a clean and proper operating transmitter is vital to not getting caught. You can get filters to put on your antenna that will block the harmonics if your transmitter is noisy, however it's better to have the transmitter fixed so it doesn't generate the harmonics in the first place (Harmonics = wasted energy from your intended frequency). But filters are better than stomping on everyone around you at the very least. The ARRL website has a lot of good information that you could use even if you don't want to be a ham: Good luck.
  15. Just to make sure everyone knows, we will have a lock picking table at PhreakNIC this year. The HackerPimps will be hosting two lock picking contests on Saturday also. We'll be selling locks, lock picks, and have plenty of hardware to pick on. Additionally, I've got a meager collection of high security locks you can work on if you got teh sk1llz. Abloy, Mul-T-lock, Medeco, and a small selection of payphone locks for the phreaks . Cabinet lock stand: Door lock stands: And we'll also have the Geeks Unleashed arcade cabinet there if you missed out at Notacon this year. Geeks Unleashed
  16. Very good question. Lock picking contests are like Elvis, they are often talked about but rarely spotted in the wild. Honestly I'd say the best bet to find one is to keep an eye on the forums at and also check the posted activities of every hacker con as they roll around. Notacon 2007 would be good to watch for one, probably also Schmoocon. The HackerPimps hosted the one at pnX, I'd keep an eye on their website too for future contests. Lastly, don't be afraid to host one yourself
  17. Yea, like TelcoBob said, we picked up a used arcade cabinet for $100 at a local arcade repair shop. It had no electronics, just controls and the coin slots. You might nose around any arcades or bars (think gambling machines) in your area and find out who does their repair service. In the phone book they are usually listed under "Amusements". Most people wire up keyboards to the joystick controls on MAME cabinets and that is what I did for ours. Since I already had the joystick controls setup it wasn't a problem to just run a couple wires down to the coin slots and just make them additional key presses. The coin acceptor mechanism itself seems to only use physical size to isolate "regulation size" coins into the coin bucket. Just as they fall out of the coin mech they push a wire out of their way that trips a SPST switch, afterwhich they just fall into the coin bucket. Additionally, I would suggest checking out a cool project called the HackerArcade from this years ShmooCon. In short, it is a way to implement a typical arcade style ticket dispenser with cryptographically signed tokens written to a USB memory stick.
  18. There was some very interesting work done by some UK students in compromising the keys inside of these cards. I believe the model of card they where testing on was discontinued, you might check if it's the same as yours. I had only heard of them being used in pSeries and iSeries (RS/6000 and AS/400) but it appears there is Windows 2000 support for them also. IBM: The crack:
  19. Heh, I didn't see there where two more episodes of hacktvu out, and I'm in one??? I just barely remember that night, I better see wtf I was doing....
  20. The jackknife looks tempting, however having a pickset on me at all times could get me into more trouble that I'd like. Do the 'blades' lock in place when extended? It seems like having all the other stuff hanging off the end of your pick could make it more difficult to work with.
  21. I picked up a pocsag transmitter at the Dayton Hanvention this year. It's part of a turn-key restaraunt paging system. The unit consists of a pic circuit that drives an off-the-shelf Ham packet radio. I still have hopes of hacking the interface to generate pocsag packets via a standard RS-232 serial port. If you come across a similar device and your pager is pocsag, you can likely do the same. There is ham software to generate the pocsag audio waveforms and such. You'll have some work cut out for yourself though.
  22. Or your my asshole neighbor that decided to mess with my WAP11 :devil: Don't always assume your totally surrounded by n00bs, sometimes the bait is just that: bait.
  23. My friend tried to install Premier Pro on Win2k Server and the installer borked in the middle. Premier 5 did install though. You might try out 2003, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  24. Wow, my name was mentioned 3 times in this thread already and this is only my first post. I feel so loved I haven't made reservations for Zach and me yet but plan to. Fiebig - if you see this know that you'll have a room to stay in. Other Infonomicon crew - same applies. I know there were previous room discussions but didn't see anything conclusive from them.
  25. I've got a few comments on this debacle, both about your issue and in general. Firstly, I'm not going to bash you for getting into trouble. The fact that you at one point said "The only thing I was doing illegal was..." says you at least intend to be honest. This also means your mouth will get you into WAY too much trouble without proper legal representation. No matter how smart you are, just think about this. The police, prosecutors, and defense lawyers have many YEARS of experince doing their jobs and using the legal system. How do you expect to "hack the legal system" without greater knowledge of it than the people you are up against? I'm not saying that without proper study you would be incapable of it, but you are rushing into something completely unprepared and will have grave consequenses if you stumble. You don't get to try your exploit out a 2nd time if it locks up your public record, you loose and that's that. Also, remember that standing up for your rights means sitting in jail to defend them. If you refuse to talk to the police then they can probably find a reason to put you in a cell until they are forced to release you for lack of reasons. Lots of people on websites talk about how this or that which was done by the police was unconstitutional and you "don't have to allow it". There may be truth in statements such as this, but again it's only half of the information. I urge you to seek advice from a real lawyer. Also, don't let someone blow smoke up your ass about the best case senario. Ask what the worst case senario is if they don't bring it up (I would have second thoughts about a lawyer if they didn't bring up "WCS" anyway). Lastly, how badly do you want to be a martyr? Are you really sure you want to publicly declare yourself a hacker to police and in the courtroom and then try to defend the title? Yes, it's a romantic notion to defend the title of "hacker" for all of hacker-kind in the court room, but remember this: to be a martyer you have to die, figuratively anyway. If you did actually tell the police that you are a hacker, well this decision is a little moot I guess. I just find that the older I get the less I care about titles. If it's really important to you that people know you are a hacker, that's fine. But I find it's better to just let them come to that conclusion on their own rather than give it to them on a platter. Sell off some stuff, borrow money from family, whatever it takes to at least get a couple hours of time from a real lawyer. Also, something smells fishy about them connecting to your AIM account, I'm thinking improper search or something (Yes kids, this is why you don't cache your passwords - guess I'm a little guilty of this too). But then again I'm no lawyer and have no experince with law so take my comments with a grain of salt.