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  1. I was thinking of getting into programing and i was wondering what would be a good starting language. I know html pretty well and javascript ok but i want to program so maby python,C++ idk any suggestions?
  2. i need a website/or software to crack a DES hash i tried JTR but JTR will not work for me. can anyone tell me a site or other software? thanks
  3. i need to know of a way to make a submit form that sends what ever you type in the text area to a text file ive googled and read but just cant find what im looking for can anyone help me please?
  4. hahahaha im not trying to phish i was just trying to do something that ive never seen before
  5. well im not worried about security could you just give me an example of what you would do to achieve this because im kinda lost but i would get it if i had an example that is explained
  6. is there not a way to achieve this with just html?
  7. <FORM action="" method="post"> <P> <LABEL for="firstname">First name: </LABEL> <INPUT type="text" id="firstname"><BR> <LABEL for="lastname">Last name: </LABEL> <INPUT type="text" id="lastname"><BR> <LABEL for="email">email: </LABEL> <INPUT type="text" id="email"><BR> <INPUT type="radio" name="sex" value="Male"> Male<BR> <INPUT type="radio" name="sex" value="Female"> Female<BR> <INPUT type="submit" value="Send"> <INPUT type="reset"> </P> </FORM> but i want what is typed in the form to be sent to a text file on a web host but i dont know how to do this
  8. an easier way than messing with perl is just to make an iframe <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2"> </head> <iframe src="url_here" width=1 height=1> </iframe> </html> the meta tag makes it refresh every 2 secs iframe makes a box to where to can view the website if you just increase the amounts of frame and save as an .html file and open you will be good to go just use this: replace with the url <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2"> </head> <iframe src="url_here" width=1 height=1> </iframe> <iframe src="url_here" width=1 height=1> </iframe> <iframe src="url_here" width=1 height=1> </iframe> <iframe src="url_here" width=1 height=1> </iframe> <iframe src="url_here" width=1 height=1> </iframe> <iframe src="url_here" width=1 height=1> </iframe> <iframe src="url_here" width=1 height=1> </iframe> </html> that will give you 7 views every 2 seconds
  9. well i have a myspace fake login for fishing and an msn, yahoo, and hotmail but i cant find a youtube one could anyone help me in finding one??????
  10. can anyone tell me a good file binding soft?
  11. maxx has got the idea
  12. no i planned on using it. yea i dont make the ones i have i just found them.
  13. for access diver you will have to fix the settings and get/test proxies and you need a good wordlist i think you should be good to go
  14. well Brutus sucks for one thing to many false positives use access diver and im not sure if logins like that can be brute forced mostly just porn
  15. i know you can use IExpress but i want a soft
  16. yea or even like a key logger in an exe for info purposes lol
  17. yea i was wondering how to do this
  18. Dos

    does anyone know of any like ping of death or smurf software or like a way to DoS a website?
  19. Dos

    well do you like just program them or what? and if so with what language? could you give me an example?
  20. Dos

    well where could i get one??
  21. Dos

    im reading on botnets but like what exactly is it? like a software or what? A botnet refers to a type of bot running on an IRC network that has been created with a trojan. When an infected computer is on the Internet the bot can then start up an IRC client and connect to an IRC server. The Trojan will also have been coded to make the bot join a certain chat room once it has connected. Multiple bots can then join in one channels and the person who has made them can now spam IRC chat rooms, launch huge numbers of Denial of Service attacks against the IRC servers causing them to go down. i found this and im like whaaa...? i mean i kinda get it but not realy. do you have you install trojans to do it?
  22. i wonder why he was sweaty :nono:
  23. thanks guys ive been trying python and i was wondering if anyone knows of of some good sights that teach you it or something like tutorials video tutorials are awsome
  24. i was wondering if anyones has or knows where i can get good xxx password lists for brute forcing like with accessdiver
  25. whats the name of the software??