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  1. yea but usually wordlists have thousands of words
  2. dude i did google and i cant find anything did you??
  3. no one can help?
  4. alright im gonna go do some reading
  5. BURN! :blowfuse:
  6. does anyone have or kno where a good video tutorial is i googled for ever :omfg: i did find this one but i cant understant wtf hes saying
  7. alright thanks guys ill read them and see where it takes me
  8. i just want to kno what its used for and how to use it for that
  9. ok well i have some pl exploits and i put them in the bin folder. then i open command prompt type cd C:\Perl\bin then it says this C:\Perl\bin> then i type the name of the exploit right? well if i do that a window pops up that says what do you want windows to use to open this? what am i doing wrong????? :blowfuse:
  10. o ok thnks alot
  11. ok well i already had active pearl installed but was missing some stuff so that is fixed thanks but now i get another error i think its cause of the exploit but in no sure idk
  12. now it says this and i tried your edit and its says perl is not recognized as an internal or external command
  13. im using vista to if that has to do with anything. ok this is what ive been trying then i tried this and this window pops up
  14. can you please explain more on what to type i think i know what you mean but when i tried it it said something like location cant be found
  15. o ok well let me try that then.