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  1. If you want to keep track of multiple folders you've been through, try pushd / popd. You basically get a 'directory stack' to push and pop from at your heart's desire.
  2. You can't. But it doesn't matter. Actions speak louder than words, and while set-ups are sure to happen, the conflict is between Anon and the CoS. The media isn't quite likely to get it, as aren't the masses, but again that's not all that important. As long as the CoS shakes, no matter what they try to do to make Anon look bad, Anon is still winning, getting closer to their goal. At least they way I'm seeing it.
  3. For all intents and purposes, the flaw that got the Mac pwnt could have allegedly been used against the Windows machine as well. If that were done, and both fell in a minute each... and the Mac still was the first to be taken up... guess what, haters will still say the Mac got pwnt first blah blah. There are sufficiently many reasons for which Apple might want to beef up the security team, and I've gone on soapboax diatribes about it on my blog enough, so I agree they should be 'scared' into it. But yes, it is not a security statistic as much as it is a hype device (not much unlike the RDF)
  4. Haiku is being developed to 'replace' and continue BeOS. There's also ReactOS though I suppose it's nothing new... nor something quite 'obscure'
  5. Not to be a fanboi here but the exploit for the Mac had been worked on 3 weeks before CSW. The exploiter said so himself: Not to say that's not cool, but damn, all the haters are now saying it took less than a minute to own the Mac.
  6. If the hashes are unsalted, Google could also help you find the plaintext, as has been previously demonstrated. If they are salted and you don't know the salt mechanism I fear even RTs won't be all too useful.
  7. Project Pwnage is due for release this week with included iPod Touch support. I suppose there will be custom firmwares with all the apps included available via BitTorrent. I'd wait a day or so. I think Ziphone also has some limited support for the Touch but I'm not certain.
  8. You know what, I'll give it a shot. gloomer tried to get me to go to the last one but it didn't work out, but this Friday I've cleared my schedule, so short of something Very Badâ„¢ happening, I should be there. Quiet and lurking, I bet, but I will.
  9. Yes. No. Depends on what you understand by faster. My experience was that it did run faster in most cases (though I found little to no reason to compile Firefox or Open Office from source) though if you need to dedicate time to emerging and nothing else, the average of the two will make it not much faster than, say, Arch. On the other hand, I learnt the most about Linux from my 2 years with Gentoo. So, again, depends what you are looking for.
  10. I would too, if I had the cash. Since I'm a security enthusiast and not a 'professional', it's an expense I can't justify. Hope you enjoy our city!
  11. It might not be too easy to do. From my own bad experiences I'd say you should count on recovering the files, then maybe make a script to create the proper file names from the ID3 tags and sort them that way (there are libraries for most languages to read in ID3 tags, depends on what you're comfortable with; I'd venture guessing that something already exists to do this).
  12. There are a lot of script kiddies that moved a step up from their mother's Windows machine and SubSeven and want to try Linux to be true hackers (or so they think). Using BackTrack if you have no idea what's it about means you are very lame. I'm still curious why people that can't burn an ISO want to use BackTrack. Just QUIT, you mothers...
  13. We must go and take over with our superior numbers Turn it into the Van BinRev meeting...
  14. houses many things, among them being mailing lists. The name pretty much says what they are. If you find them useless when compared to forums or newsgroups, think that more people have e-mail addresses than anything else when it comes to online presence. They are far more convenient for many when it comes to rapid communications. They are also historical for many. You could ask the same about USENET if you wanted too...
  15. If you don't mind changing services you could do the same with twitxr (not twitter, though you can splice your twitxr into twitter) or I believe tumblr as well. That feed could also go on your WordPress feed/blog if you'd like. This is basically micro-blogging, to use a buzzword.
  16. Did ./configure run successfully? I'd guess you don't have any header files on your system and configure should normally warn of that.
  17. Should work on everything, except probably iPhone/iPod Touch.
  18. Actually shouldn't you be able (again, invoking a few scripts to link things) to directly chroot into the backtrack install? Something similar to the Gentoo installation process, I'm thinking. (code listing 1.5)
  19. Well the original post was asking not how to FIND them, but if anyone would RECOMMEND any good ones that they have EXPERIENCE with...but thanks for making me look like I am too retarded to use google for 3 minutes. So have you USED any of the 3 things that you posted? I am using MobileAdmin for WordPress to post from my iPhone. This means the theme it uses might not render nicely on some other mobile browsers (not to sound snobbish, it's just that I haven't used any other mobile browsers). It's decent enough for quick posts although there are some issues with longer posts. It also uses a simplified version of the 'plain' editor as opposed to the 'rich' editor of WordPress. There is also Postie, an improved WP plugin for posting-by-email (pictures included) which might be nicer to use. Same restrictions apply as in - only some HTML, might barf on certain characters, and sending non-plain-text e-mails might screw it up. I set this up for a friend that was visiting China (and had her blog - that I was hosting - blocked during her stay there, thus unable to post directly) and ocassionally there were some weird characters showing up, or otherwise screwed up formatting. I suspect she was typing things in Word, though, or writing HTML e-mails in HoTMaiL, so that might be the reason. For pictures, while MobileAdmin doesn't have an easy way of doing it (that I've found, at least) you might also look at posting to Flickr and enabling blogging from there. Although this would still be a kind of post-by-mail, so only useful if you want your pictures stored on Flickr as opposed to your own space. From what I'm getting about WordPress Mobile Edition, this is only for rendering your website on mobiles. I have something like this for my site (again, iPhone-optimized for the size and layout) but I might try this one out for the general public. Doesn't seem to be anything about the posting interface, though. HTH Stank
  20. make and ld are more part of a developer's toolset than an average user's. To that effect, I would suggest looking to install something like gcc, devutils or some such thing (specifics depend on your distro.) Since Fedora is package-based, many people don't need the development tools - they just pull in the relevant packages. Again, developer vs. user. What do you know about the CD? Is it multi-session? Burnt with Nero or Explorer? Do you get any errors (say, in dmesg)? Try, as root mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom (/dev/cdrom and/or /mnt/cdrom might be different; check man mount for more info) and see what it says. Did you verify the disc in Windows after you wrote it?
  21. I'm sure I'm not the only one to have interacted with spammers, scanners and/or phishers directly. Most fit this description. They have about 3 apps they can run, usually very focused on, say, bruteforcing an ssh login. Also, phishing kits are quite the rage with the kids nowadays. Plus, there's no direct mention of how they managed the network. A botnet is useful if you want to change its purpose often, but I'm sure there are sufficiently many computers out there controlled by very simple means, such as IRC channels. So no, I myself don't automatically associate botherding with "ill skillz". It takes skill to program a distributed system such as this, yes, but sometimes the writers only want to sell their wares, not use them themselves.
  22. stop trolling and post, dammit =)

  23. That is not the SE you were looking for.
  24. cat
  25. Well the full video and audio recordings from DefCon 15 have been posted, you might want to look at those. I recommend video just so you can follow along the slides, it can get rather confusing otherwise. Not all are 'hardcore' but maybe a few will have good info for what you're looking for.