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  1. Can you please tell me why you would recommend python over other languages, I am also thinking of learning a new language. thks
  2. Have you tweaked your bios settings sometimes changing to defualt settings or disabling 'high performance' options usually means system may run more stable. From past experience it should be a hardware issue try benchmarking e.g 3d mark software let see if it crashes. if you see an artifacts during benchmark then the system is overheating get a new or add extra case fans will help. nagius
  3. Hello, Has anybody heard of the book 'google hacking for penetration testers' Just wanted to know if it's any good, I've heard it's not just for penetration testers but for anyone without any hacking or programing experience. Any comments and other suggestions on were to start on hacking. thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I'm finding this forum very supportive. Ubuntu seems quite popular here, best O.S I have tried. Keep up the support all of you!
  5. Thanks for your help and replies, but nothing seemed to work there was no firewall installed and I disabled windows xp firewall too. restarted several times too. ssh connections didn't work either. How could I find out which ports are open and/or blocked, if any?Does pinging send data or does it od something else? thks
  6. I mean i cannot access msn chat, websites with a browser both firefox/IE. Anything an isp internet connection should let you do.
  7. Hello, I have always wondered I can ping a website or ip address i get a reply ok. but cannot access the internet, i tried to telnet connection and was successful also tried those windows xp internet games and it can connect with no problems. I was wondering the port was blocked then why can I ping?What port does ping uses? can someone explain this to me please. I just want to understand. thks