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  1. right some people have been saying that phreakin seems to be on the way out now i seem to think at its completely oppsit but is there much of a UK secne on phreaking coz i don't hear anything on this side and i can't find any texts or websites etc.. is this just coz of are telco systems over here of what? Your thoughts?
  2. that would rock! it would also give a few people i know a push in the right direction hehe
  3. woah thanks man i hope you didn't type that lot
  4. Irc

    True, I've been having both jade.va.us.dal.net irc.esper.net of these servers open in bitchx just to cover the bases but thats coz i'm lame
  5. your welcome chronic_c who was in the irc channel posted this if any one can help <chronic_c> i'm a bit new to the whole world of payphones and such and was curious on the phone itself what does the unv, uni number mean?? also i'm in quebec and noticed on a few phones around here there's two different numbers uni-702-9612-Que and unv-702-9812-ont i'm guessing the last few letters mean the province....but how come there are 'ont' phones here in quebec?
  6. i know i was just talking to him he said basicly if theres enough he mite put up an internatial section
  7. Its an epademic! Man that IS my life at the mo till i get back in to work i think almost every one here feels like this
  8. a cool guy popped up on aim and pointed me here: http://www.phreak.co.uk/fone.ranger/ this is much better the phreak.co.uk site rocks too also talking to BlkRtcht on #binrev and he's wanting people to submit phone photos and info from other conutrys and the US so go take photos and make docs people the site: http://www.yapl.org Shouts Conscript BlackRatchet
  9. Demonix i just found this page its seams pretty cool look it up http://www.darkfall.demon.co.uk/fallen/phreak/
  10. cool thanks guys yeah i don't think its gonna die some of the new tech thats out looks really cool and some good new ideas come to mind i was just wondering as if there was much of a scene over allready but i'll look a bit harder i think
  11. Irc

    jade.va.us.dal.net dose work enjoy peeps
  12. Irc

    i'll try ade.va.us.dal.net also well could this falut be linked to being refused from the server one of the irc "channels" i use sometimes wont let sertian hostnames log on aol for instants this came to mind coz you peeps said something some of the servers be private etc..
  13. Try looking them up perhaps google is your friend here. i was playing with something the used faws in the php mail modules to disclose and send files
  14. yeah thanks conflict rules
  15. no i'm using slak 10 can i set up my box to send specefiyed out going connections through a proxy
  16. the only dif i noticed with Xorg is the nameing of some of the config files