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  1. thanks guys i got it up now replax is right i only need to add AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .php3 .phtml Action application/x-httpd-php /php/php to my httpd.conf hehe you can ckeck my fourm out now at http://slackpunx.zapto.org
  2. NFS

    yeah i checked out portmap theres no proplem there it loads fine and all i have in my /var/log/messages
  3. NFS

    hay now i think i have quiite a good knowledge base of NFS and after re-installing both my server box and my main comp just with slack 10.0, did all my normal setup of samba etc.. but when i get round to nfs something has gone wrong somewere and when i go to mount i get "mount: RPC: program not registed" all there services are running and theres not problems at boot time, all the correct files are setup etc/exports , host.deny, hosts.allow i really have no i dea what i have missed
  4. thanks for the info guys. i settled for useing aterm and eterm in the end and that would be my suggestion to anyone else who wants to configure the look and feel of your tems
  5. I've been trying to set what i belive to be the enviroment varables for xterm/rxvt, coz im a tart sometimes and want things to look how i want them. I've got as far as getting xterm using the -ls (login shell) option to read my /etc/.profile and show my PS1 prompt and set the title. But i cant find any help on changing the background, text color or transparnty... the man pages only mention changing the behiver and color of the cursour?...
  6. hay im having a problems getting my php to work on slackware 10.0 as far as i know php if you install it when you do the system is set and ready to go all you have to do is uncomment a section in the apache config, so i dont that check my modules etc.. everything seems to be fine untill.... I try to install any php based software on my server things like forums or content managment sys All i get is a kinda normal webpage but with all the php code in the form elements or at the top and bottom of the page i hope someone can help with this coz its been bugging my for ages now and i need to move along with building the rest of my site thanks FeeB
  7. if anyone else has probs with this i say to them to put a line in /etc/inetd.conf #Samba Web Administration Tool: swat stream tcp nowait.400 root /usr/sbin/swat swat send it the -HUP signal and point your bowser to localhost:901 i found swat made it easer to see what had to be set up
  8. yeah things are all good when i finally got down it it had it up in a few min's witch was cool just have a few prob's with permissions withc wont take 5 min :-) thanks for the help anyway guys
  9. thanks for that i've over time tryed so meny differnt ways but that seems to have done the trick also i noticed after mounting the etc/mtab shows a "nosuid" as well so i spose this is a differnt option that can be passed
  10. humm tis a bit of a pisser this subject coz it allways comes down to permissions! but this is a reaccuring problem with me and slack 8.0 thru 10.0 (witch im running now) when eva i try to mount a drive weather it be a nfs mount or a local drive i get the same thing! as norm when root i can do what eva i lke (as you'd expect) but when mounting a any other user even if that user is in GUID of root its allways "mount: only root can mount (device name)" as an e.g i have this line in my fstab: /dev/hda1 /home/win vfat noauto,users,rw,umask=777 1 0 as far a my knowlage takes me this should work fine, that or a umask of 277 i think...... i have also tryed this as a quick fix : /dev/hda1 /home/win vfat uid=bobUSERID,gid=bobGROUPID,rw,umask=777 1 0 but as you can see hardly a system wide suloution i'm real stubed on this one.... Is there some vital bit of slack admin i missed some where? coz every version of slack i've run there has had the same problem!
  11. all i can really say dude is after a few hours of learning an playing with the setup and tweeking all i got outta samba was the being able to see my slack box in the win share's but neva got as far as being able to send files or copy stuff form my linux boxes, but saying that samba is still a learn i progress for me so if you wanna swap ideas it may help... grab me in IRC or somin one of my boxes is all ways loged in to Esper.net #binrev
  12. I been asked this question a few time's and am hoping to start a thred that,... well you know you can point people to and say "its all ready been covered look here http://........." So WHAT DOSE A "HACKER" hehe "OH 1337 one" do after scaning a system? and when i bin in the situ its been a case of GOOGLE (hehe) or other cards up the sleave but for anyone who my be stuck on this one and to shy to ask................ look up explioits .... wright somin them selves..... etc... etc...
  13. SHIT 5.1/4's i havent sen tho's fuckers in years hehehe i think i still have a drve to read'em and a software in the atacic gonna go hunt now COOL!...............
  14. hummm that will not work as its mounted with the permissions in fstab... as far as im aware, and changing the permissions of a folder dosen't solve the prob eather because the sys is sayin i have to be root to access the device for mounting (well thats whtat i understand) NEED GURU! HELP....
  15. now i havent read the whole thread coz well i cant be assesd but 1) fuck yeah its like having sex for the first time lol 2) what is a normal PC ? 3) mandrake is good rather unstable tho (well what do you expect from the french hehhe j/k) 4) depending on how much you wanna learn your new found OS..... if your real keen then find somin grass roots eg SLACK!!! (sorry im a pengin nazi hehe) or shop around for somin like suse gentoo etc.. i started on SuSe witch i loved but i allways wanted to dig a bit deeper and shit i bin on the side of slack for years but i belive i dont know that much about it ... but hay tis all about getting your learn on =:-)