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  1. You might've heard about this on slashdot. I enjoyed the crap out of it.
  2. I can't help but feel a bit terrible that our first instinctual thought to articles like these is "hmm... i wonder what kind of switches are in Chile?" by the way... what kind of switches are in Chile?
  3. In other google voice related news...
  4. I've seen a couple of those around where I live (north Chicago suburbs). So if they are "underground CO's," are they categorized as remote switches, or remote concentrators, or what? Do they process common control and stuff?
  5. I accidentally came across PLA radio on Itunes, and from there I started researching phreaking on my own. It wasn't until a year later that I found the binrev forums, which seems to harbor the only active phreaking scene on the interwebs. I became really hooked when I messed around with a cruise ship's PBX system and found a surprising amount of interesting things, you can actually read about that here.
  6. It'd have to translate to something dialable, though, right? Not necessarily something dialable by a customer. There are toll-free numbers that aren't just translated to a regular, geographic phone number. I'm not sure how often that is the case though, as far as percentages. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that the vast majority of "800" numbers are just "forwards" to a regular number... but not all of them. How does 900 number routing work? They don't have PSTN back doors, or at least haven't for a while, right?
  7. I really feel like I should know this, but how do you identify the tandem that is playing a recording, and how can you access a recording on command? I've only heard tandem recordings while calling toll-free numbers, but that might just be because I have a shitty long distance plan so I don't scan LD. Do you run into them while calling long distance? So many questions...
  8. No, just 0.
  9. I got kind of giddy when I read this. I'm not sure if E911 trunks are seize-able, but I at least know that all modern, digital operator consoles (TSPS, OSPS, there might be other ones in the US I'm not aware of) are MF controlled. I actually witnessed, but did not take part in, the the blowing off of an OSPS operator with a simple 2600 blast from a payphone, and if I remember correctly, the trunk didn't hang up or anything. I'm sure others will know much more than me, though.
  10. You best be joking about that. Of course we're interested, this is the binrev phreaking forums. Post dat shit!
  11. I'd like to apologize for being gone so long and abandoning my part of this project. Mad props to dual and thoughtphreaker who still keep it running and active. I got too lazy to keep up with the scans anymore and stupidly avoided posting instead of just admitting it. I don't think that I'll be going back to scanning weekly but I hope to contribute somewhat.
  12. Really makes you realize the truth in the saying "Everything is on default," especially when the voip hacker was talking about how even telco's voip boxes had default passwords. Also, shit, I feel kind of awful for Robert.
  13. I've been spending a lot of time just checking out telecommunication videos on youtube, and I think there's enough material on youtube alone to make a thread out of it. Here's only a few: A really hot, ditzy looking girl explaining phone phreaking. I lol'd. A news report on dissapearing payphones in chicago. Gives a bit of history, and an interview with someone who services payphones. A talk from i-ball about gemini, really 1337 and fucking hilarious.The below are previews of a few telecommunication dvd's by teracom. They're a lot more informative then you'd think, I really enjoyed these. I'd love to buy them, but they're hundreds of dollars. fundamentals of telecom preview Fundamentals of telecom 2 preview Fundamentals of telecom 2: voice digitization preview
  14. My scans seem to be going the way of my homework: I always get it done, it's just normally a day or two late. I really do apologize for this, but I'm afraid that mine will have to be late again. And I know how everyone's just on the edge of their seat for my awesome scans...
  15. Somebody needs a jump to conclusions mat. I just uploaded one, and I'll have my makeup scan for last week finished by tomorrow.