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  1. i'm looking at building a NAS and plan on using one of the VIA embedded boards SN18000G with up to 12 sata NS drives through a 8 or 12 port raid card (haven't decided on a model/brand yet). i estimate i shouldn't need more than 150 watts for the MB and raid card. what i need to know, is how much power do hard drives use typically?
  2. that sounds like the ground you want to connect, but it doesn't matter that it's on the tranny or the block, so if it's easier to attach it to the engine it'll be fine. 8g wire equivalent or better should be all thats needed for the rest of the car unless you have a honkin' stereo. you were probably grounded through something like a throttle cable, so i'd look at anything that may have been damaged. i've seen throttle cable shielding melt before from a poor ground. good luck with the car.
  3. GM temp sensors measure using resistance, so voltage should only be relevant on MAP, TPS, etc. if you were measuring with the engine off, the ecu's voltage can change as other things use power. i would check the engine ground that connects directly to the chassis, as it is the ground for your ecu and gauge cluster. it should be on the either the starter mounting flange, a continuation of the cable from the battery to the block, or a wire(strap) from the back of one of the heads to the firewall.
  4. the manufacturer's logo is just the splash for the BIOS. you should be able to hit either del, esc, or one of the F keys as soon as you turn it on and the first splash screen comes up to access the BIOS so you can change boot order if needed. i've always used knoppix for live cds. http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html
  5. nimh would be much better than ANY lead acid battery you intend to carry in a back pack. that battery you linked is heavier than you think.
  6. How would you do that? it would trap heart and cock the router (remember the router is sitting on top of a giant white flat roof, essentially a big heat reflector). And how would the tupperware help against rain? The roof starts to puddle and turns into a complete lake during rain, the water would just lift up the tupperware box. the first rain would get the inside wet. if not from splashing, the humidity would do it. the tupperware suggestion is a good inexpensive way to protect it and you could mount it in the shade to keep the sun off it, which would be a good idea anyway.
  7. i've been using vials that generally get thrown out at my work for small stuff like screws, leds, and resistors. my larger stuff goes in a tackle box. edit: just remembered a friend of mine using a binder with baseball card sleeves for holding some components.
  8. via made something similar which costs ~300 bucks. i bought one to play around with about a month ago. http://www.via.com.tw/en/products/embedded/artigo/
  9. do you have access to a second wireless pc to see if that can connect? you can try getting on a box with wired access to confim that the setup is right. i use a wireless router that stopped allowing wireless connections. the cause was a breif power outage that somehow made it stop working. the settings were all correct but i couldn't establish a wireless connection. i ended up having to disable wireless and reentering the wireless settings for it to work again. good luck.
  10. pretty much any distro from debian to slack to gentoo can fit in way less than 350mb. it all depends on what you add to it.
  11. http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/
  12. why bother? aol disks are everywhere and their internet service sucks.
  13. signed.
  14. "200 channels" means 200 presets. scanners can receive only. although some ham tranceiver have built in scanners. "1 touch service search" means that it will scan the frequencies allocated to said sevice. this feature varies among maufacturers. all the ones i own do. mods are not only for listening to cell phones. check out http://mods.dk yup. if it was me, between those two options, i'd get the pro99. ratshack is reasonable, but there are online vendors like http://www.universalradio.com that sell better quality scanners for decent prices.
  15. and lucky wasn't so lucky.