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  1. Hello all, Kinda long time since I have posted here, so here it goes. I have been looking into RFID for some time now and have bought a RFID reader (one that reads only 125KHz). I now want to do a project on RFID for college and was looking for a file that would show me how to build an RFID Reader/Writer. So far I have came up empty handed, and now and looking for you guys to help. If any of you guys could post here a link or document that could help me build an unit that can read ISO 14443B cards and write to them that would be great. I have look to Google for answer but still no cigar. Look forward to seeing the post on here. Take care, biosphear
  2. Will they still offer it for free. I remember when some programs were bought, you had to pay for them. I forget it now, but some password cracker bought by Semantic or something, If I remember right. Well hope all turns out for the best.
  3. Will they still offer it for free. I remember when some programs were bought, you had to pay for them. I forget it now, but some password cracker bought by Semantic or something, If I remember right. Well hope all turns out for the best.
  4. Have you verified this card to use with Windows in promiscuous mode? I have cards that work wonders in Linux, but are hard to get them to do what I want them to do in Windows (I have one card that works perfectly, but it is about to die). Correct If I remember right.
  5. Sometimes with Cain and Abel you can have everything correct in your settings, and still have some problems. As a personal example. I have a Dell 140m that I use for testing with domain security. It has Windows XP SP3 on it, and an Athuros 5XXX mini PCI wireless card. When I tried running Cain and Abel on it (When it was on a workgroup) it did crap. No ARP injection, cannot see anything in the network, nothing. It worked on the network, it could get to the Internet, it could see other systems I had setup to test it on, but it would not work with Cain and Abel. It turns out that CA does not support that hardware. So the computer is crap with CA (but lucky that is not what I used it for). Best bet would try CA on another computer and see your results on that. I tried Cain and Abel on another laptop I had laying around (HP DV-6000) and it work like a champ. To get to the point, I think it would be hardware. Hope this helps.
  6. Anyone in these areas send me a PM. I want to start a new group meeting at least once a month, if not more. Lets gt like mindied people together, and see what we can do!!! Later, biosphear
  7. OK. I found it. The why it works and step by step for the 20 WEP pass-phrases in 30 Seconds. This can be done on the routers that Verizon gives out when you sign up for FiOS. Read the PDF (so anyone can open it), and tell me what you think. Take care, biosphear FiOS ExP.pdf
  8. Now I don't want to rain on your gravy train, but as stated by others, they state that there are some limitations with this. So you only see one way, yes this is helpful, and also a great find, but it is not that you can get into their network (that is what it sounds like). I guess we will have to see on 9/25/2009 to see what they really have to show.
  9. I have never been able to crack WPA2. If you have a video of you doing it or someone else I would love to see it. That is true. Just the simple things can make a real difference when it comes to system security. One would think it is common senses, but that is not always the case...Sadly. I am glad you guys are reading this, and seem to like it. biosphear
  10. That is what I was thinking as well. LOL. Epic, just Epic.
  11. Do you by any chance think there is a New World Order, or that the Earth will end on 12/21/2012 at 1700. Try to post on prison planet, they would love to hear what you have to say. Yes there are satellites, yes there is technology to track people, yes there is people to do harm to others, but this has been going on for a long long time. Hope your dreams don't go down like the Obama's approval rating, but I think your post would be more accepted some place else (That is my thought on the matter, and I am not talking for BinRev, I am only talking for myself). biosphear
  12. Best thing I could tell you is return it fro were you/who ever got it and get a new one. Sounds like you have gotten one that is DOA, or is about to die anyway. Also, not to be the Cisco Nazi, but this product is maid by Linksys. Yes Linksys is a division of Cisco, but that is like saying, "I own a Mercedes Benz, when you really just own a Chrysler", and then you make the argument, "Well Chrysler is a division of Mercedes". Just a side note. Well tell us how it goes. I am interested to see what this could be (even though my solution does noting to find out what it could be ). biosphear
  13. Well technically the are "secured", but what people do not see is that WEP is a false sense of security, and it is made even worse with this Problem that Verizon has with their routers. So it is left to default, but it has security. only about 1% did not have any security. Thanks for replay, and I will proof read it again to catch anything else. biosphear
  14. Don't you hate it when MS wins. I don't In fact I wish they would win in this game all the time. Of course if they did I would not have as much work as I do.
  15. Congrats for the Win. 3-4 minutes is for 104 bit WEP (Also known as 128 bit. 104bit+24IV= 128. I think I have covered that already, but just in case). And do you have a video of you cracking it in 1:30. I would like to see how you did it. And once again. Once I find my walk through, I will post how to get 20 WEP Passwords in 30 seconds. biosphear.
  16. hey I live by SD. Shoot me a PM and lets get some BR meetings started.
  17. Another Well stated post by Ohm. That is what people are missing. Do you really think that the US President is really going to shut down a portion the net just because he can. HELL NO, unless he wants to gt voted out. People need to use common sense when talking about this (as Ohm has done). This bill will not be the end of the internet and free speech on the internet as we see it.
  18. Agreed. This bill is not as bad as CNet post it to be. I have talked to my rep about this, and others that I know who work in the field of DA/IA and we have discuss this bill. It is a necessary evil. This bill is only scary if missuses (But we know the Gov. would never do that). I support the bill, but do believe they must fix some of the gray areas. Talk to your reps, both house and senate and tell them what you think. They listen most of the time (well at least my house of rep one does, me and my senate rep do not have the same political views). I find it funny that people on youtube are freaking out about his so much. I bet they have not even read the bill yet. Read the bill, and understand it. It not that complicated of a bill to read.
  19. I use Windows on my gaming system and I have not AV on it. I had Vista for 1 year with no Anti-Virus and I had never gotten a virus on it. I still feel safe with Server 2008 with no AV. Of course, When I download, I use a laptop that I have that is only meant for downloading. It has Linux, which I locked down, and I run through a private proxy that me and some of my buddies set up. That is the only way to go if you are every going to download stuff. Have a system dedicated for that. Now I know after I post this, I am going to get a virus on my server 2008 system.
  20. Sounds good. I have a few others that I have finished, and a 50 or so page (as it is looking like so far) on owning your first box step by step form getting into the network to garbing what you want off that system. I'm also working on a more advance (I mean about 100 time more) then my Owning your first box on how to get pass network security messieurs. PM me and lets see what we can get together
  21. Since you stated you want a hidden extension you are most likely on a PBX type system (Just a guess), and you must have some sort of administrative position or work as a system tech to have the ability to add another extension on the phone system. If you want a phone that does not ring, all you have to do, is unplug the bell (Might also be a speaker) so it will not ring. I will have to know the model number to know for sure. To make it so you can not dial out, I would have to see pics of the phone that you want and know a model number again before I can help you there. Sorry I do have one question, How will you know someone is trying to call if you have not ringer, or a light that flashes that informs you when someone waiting for you to pick up the phone? Also will not one see this phone, and pick it up or ask questions to another in an administrative position? Hope I am still helping. Just give us the model number of the phone and I can help you some more.
  22. You mean like a Beige Box or am I on the wrong trail. A quick Google search brought this up Beige Box If that is not what you want then try to have it explained a little differently. Exp. Do you want to talk on this phone? Is it meant for evasive dropping? what size do you want it? What is your detail purpose for this device? Just trying to help biosphear
  23. Thank You My step by step does assume a few things. One: You are root Two: You are using a supported WiFi card that can do both monitor mode and packet injection Three: The device you are trying to get into does not filter MACs Four: You do not have to mkdir, it will save to your root drive, but if you do want to keep it neat you can do that (mine is just if you are doing one crack, so you have only 3 files to deal with) Five: You own the router (Your method seems to be more on the black hat side, mine is so people can have a simple step by step to see how WEP cracking can be done) Six: I think the number printed on the label on the bottom is the WEP Key. Seven: Should of put that first Good add ons to my file though CP. I have a few more Step by Steps that I may have you look over, to make it easier to understand. They all work I and others test them, they just do not break it down as much. I have others Step by Steps that do that but they do that on a technical level not a user level. Thanks for the input. biosphear
  24. I singed up for the NetWars. It seems like other programs I have done. I will tell you how it goes. I get my first file in 10 days.
  25. The best time I have cracked 104 bit (That is 104 Bit Enc and 24 bit IV together make 128 bit, Just a recap for some) was 5 Min and 8 Sec. That is from start to finish on an untested unknown network. I was asked to make a step by step (AKA a Script Kiddies wet dream) on cracking WEP and have produced one. Cracking WEP is not all that complicated, and the method used is explained on Aircrack's website. Here is the Step by Step for any who need it. This is only to be used to see how it is done. I take no responsibility with what you do with it.... Etc, Etc.. other release of liability BS... Etc Cracking it within 3 min, like others have stated everything needs to be perfect and have a Sh*t load of luck I guess. I know there is a way to crack WEP in 20 Seconds, but the people need hardware (router) that Verizon FiOS gives out. I have a mini paper written up and that sent out on how I found this security flaw, just need to find it. I wrote it and sent it a long time ago. Well good luck with your WiFi adventures CrackingWEP.txt