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  2. I got something similar. I work at a large public transportation facility and the Vending machines there can take credit cards. Well in passing one day I happend to notice something sticking out from the back of the machines. I look closer and it is an antenna. There is an antenna hooked up to these machine, I assume for credit card authentication. I looked further behind the machines and found no other network connections so I am assuming that this is either hooked into the facilities free wifi or it is some kind of celluar communication. I got video of it, once I can get them off my phone I shall show.
  3. Also keep in mind that your MAC address may be recorded as well. Because this is assigned to your hardware, you can literally be caught red handed witht he hardware that has said MAC address assigned to it. Just something to mull over.
  4. Not much of a Phreak, but this may work...
  5. Yes. But if you are planning on doing something where you are worried about your IP being logged/traced/tracked/hax0r3d you may want to do whatever it is you are planning on doing from a public access point where no security cameras are around. Just using your neighbors WiFi is not enough to hide yourself. When the .gov opens that door to see 75 year old nana sitting this looking up recipes on her Ibook, they will know something else is going down.
  6. Go here - If you're looking for something more tactile, this is a nice book. A little dated but acceptable none the less.
  7. I have this spare computer sitting my apartment. I built it to screw around with and play with different OS's without having to touch my main box. The thing is I'm not at my apartment as often as I would like to be able to screw around with this machine, so I want to set it up so that I can access it remotely. Now my problem is that it is behind a router and the whole dynamic IP thing. How can I go about setting it up so that I can connect remotely without having to have a static IP? Edit - If OS is an issue, I am open as long as it is a *NIX variety. Edit, Part Deux- So I think I may have solved my own question. This website may offer what I need? Will this work for what I am looking for?
  8. Most routers have an ability to block specific ports. I believe EVE operates through 26000. Just go into the routers admin menu, there should be an option to block the port. Or you could just tell him to wear headphones....
  9. Anyone else curious how they got this information? "Hello, I'm from PC Magazine. What is your password?"
  10. It would have been better if you just said that they forget. Redacted....forgot this was the newbie forum.
  11. I'm going to say that if you want to stray away from VB, play around with Python. I think it helps develop good practices and a great language to build upon.
  12. How much money do you have to burn? I only ask because what I am in the process of doing is setting up a home lab. You can grab some routers and switches off of ebay fairly cheap, set up a few boxes ( dual boot if you want to get more bang) and go from there. Microsoft is currently offering their 2008 server software up in beta for a while, so you can screw around with that for free. VMware is nice and all, but it does not offer the true experience that it seems you want.
  13. Another vote for python. That is waht I am currently working with and it seems to flow well. And from some of the stuff I have seen, it is extremly flexible and it's usage is quite diverse.
  14. Ultimately it's about learning for me. I love the presentations and demonstrations. The other stuff is nice and all, but when it comes down to it, I could live without the B&W balls and such, just give me the knowledge.