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  1. Sorry to interrupt. I'm contacting you because I'm leading the search for a Software Engineer with Windows client/server development experience for Azul Systems in Mountain View, California. You can work as a contractor or come aboard full time. The means to apply or formally refer someone are at the tail end of the job description. Note that all Accolo listings are at www.accolo.jobs Windows Client/Server Developer - Long Term Contract or Temp to Perm Server appliances that optimize today's emerging Java/J2EE enterprise applications are revolutionizing the industry and Azul Systems is in the forefront of this effort. We're looking for mid-level Windows client server developers to help us drive real-world optimization and performance within our communication software stack that connects Azul's compute pool appliance with an existing application server. You can work as a contractor or opt for full time employment. You'll be effective on day one with: * Strong C programming skills * Strong knowledge of POSIX APIs - specifically socket, poll/select, pthread APIs * Experience with some sort of remote procedure call mechanism * Experience working on a Windows proxy port * Windows network programming These will add to your value: * Strong C++ programming skills * System software development experience * Developing and debugging multi-threaded code * Performance analysis and debugging in a client-server environment We expect the contract to run six months to get the port done and supported through QA. The contract may run longer because of follow on business with additional products. Azul Systems is a global provider of enterprise server appliances that delivers compute and memory resources as a shared network service to transaction-intensive applications, such as those built on the Java platform. Our family of Azul Compute Appliances enables transparent, massively scalable infrastructure that supports the business priorities of today’s most demanding enterprise environments and delivers increased capabilities, capacity and utilization at a fraction of the cost of traditional computing models. The Azul Virtual Machine (VM) team is growing and looking for great new talent. This team is responsible for driving the enhancement and optimization of the highest performing VM on the market. We have a variety of exciting positions open and are looking for experience levels ranging from the master's new grad through seasoned veteran. You will be working directly with world-renowned engineers that have an un-paralleled passion for innovation and performance. If you are driven by the coolest new technology and these same passions, please review the positions below and contact us immediately. As a member of our Mountain View, California, VM team your first mission will be to lead the development of a Windows proxy. You'll add crucial Windows programming experience and can help us solve a variety of performance and optimization issues involving protocol manipulation at the sockets level. You're someone who understands client server development; you've mastered the calls inside Windows for control of network operations; and you can work with threads and debug code in a multi-threaded environment. All of the above point to you knowing what obstacles must be overcome to optimize data transfer in a client/server application for the Windows platform. To contribute to all of the above, you'll need strong C programming experience because you'll be working on infrastructure software not an application. In our environment, C++ and Java will be useful, but supplementary languages. Azul Systems is tapping into an emerging and fast growing technology sector; we're generating 5-fold to 50-fold performance improvements for our customers, and dramatically expanding their capabilities while reducing the complexity of their processing environments. Our story is convincing and our customers are loving it. We hope you will as well. To apply for this position or refer someone you know, please use our online interview system managed by Accolo: http://jobs.accolo.com/9082 Once you have completed the interview, your information will be forwarded to the hiring authority for decisions on next steps. Related Keywords: software engineer, virtual machine, I/O, Windows proxy, communication software stack, compute pool appliance, application server, C programming, C programmer, POSIX API, socket, poll/select, pthread, remote procedure call, C++, system software, JVM, JIT, concurrency, multi-threaded code, performance analysis, multi-threaded, aggregation, round trips, Windows client server, AIO, asynchronous I/O