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  1. No, you'll let me talk because your a coward. You couldn't match wits with a seventeen year old kid. I don't need to know the blind kid or the old pedo Roscoff you cybered with. I've known enough assholes like them to know it was amateur night. The article has no substance to it. It's nothing more then the accusations of his enemies. That's not proof of anything but a bunch of butt hurt losers who can't get back at him any other way. It sounds like you were either a criminal and met a bigger one, or a wannabe who thought it was all a game and met some mildly serious people. That's really what your problem with this is. He could do things you couldn't and didn't give a fuck. That makes him dangerous so now the fbi has to arrest him even though they haven't captured a single terrorist in six years. But that doesn't bother you nearly as much as the blind kid talking shit to other shit talkers. What the FBI cares about is someone with a clue getting a hold of the ability to listen in on any phone. You could make millions with that. Or I don't know... LISTEN TO THEM. I think some fellows from the middle east would be interested in that capability. You think these punks are really bad people?... Your either very sheltered or out of tune with reality. You don't drive around downtown Detroit in the middle of the night for no purpose do you? No, so why do you do it virtually? Because you think it's safe. If the FBI knows who these guys are, they know who you're. You can't play naive and give the, 'I have nothing to hide line' because you want to convict people based on magazine articles. When they take the kid it will probably go down the way the first batch did, mass raids across the country. Where will most of their information have come from? Informants. I could say something about how easy it would be to set you up and how being exonerated later, after tens of thousands of dollars in lawyers fees doesn't really matter because of the seed of doubt it would put in people's heads and how it would affect your employment but I don't see any point. These guys were to stupid to have capitalized on what they had. That Roscoff douche should be sipping a fruity drink on a beach somewhere set for life. Instead he's going to be eating cockmeat sandwiches for the next decade. The real guys messing with the phone system, WORK for the phone system. But then that's not an easy case to make like the one against a blind kid with a big mouth. If there's PROOF he broke the law then he should pay. But if they charge him as an adult with crimes he committed as a juvenile to get the adult sentencing that isn't right. If they charge him and their evidence is the word of a bunch of rat fucks who are only talking to save THEMSELVES, that isn't right. If you want him in jail for years without proof that's no different then having him shot because when he gets out, his life will be over anyways. Hey maybe his mother can die while he's in prison so you'll have something to chit chat about. You've probably shit talked in private all sorts of things you WISHED but didn't have the balls or brains to do. It must have sucked to bite your tongue while he was talking. Now you get to yell and scream but when you had him on the line, you said nothing. Scared of a 17yo blind kid.... But then no one FORCED YOU to listen to the guy. "told to stop"... WOW are you a women... Kid said, fuck you, make me and that's another +1! I hope his brother is saving comments. He sounds like he'll keep a mental ledger of who needs what later. "YOU have no clue about alot of things then" The only thing you know is party lines full of cripples, pedos and hicks. I'd never waste hours of my life listening to some jackoff drone on about he's top of the retard food chain. If he told people he was the best, why do you think that was? To bait them of course. Doing nobodies gets boring, but if a challenger appears, that's exciting. After he destroys them he reaffirms himself as the big shot and his rep grows. It also keeps guys like you in the corner all bundled up with a warm cup of STFU. It's caveman shit. Juvenile at best. It matters to him because that's his world. Trying walking around your house blindfolded for an hour and see how that works you for you. Probably piss all over the bathroom floor. S<Either I cannot spell or I am so unoriginal that I re-used a lame internet meme that has no value whatsoever to these forums and have been wordfiltered>ting someone is cowardly as fuck. BUT, as a blind kid with a gang of old men attacking him, what other recourse did he have? Sounds like he became a rat to but that didn't help him. If the fbi had got Roscoff YEARS ago, like they should have, then according to this article, the kid wouldn't have ended up this way. These old guys doing this to him and while they knew who he was and where he lived... I don't get that. Sounds like your boyfriend got a slap so you with your address posting nonsense... I don't know or want to. Thank you for proving what a repressed, wannabe violent shit you're with that though. Keep fantasising that you matter and that someone would care enough to bother with you for anything more then shits and giggles. When you do such things as visit people, you don't do it over trivial matters, or offend, or announce it and certainly when you don't know who the other party is. But your just all talk. This is long enough so I'll remove some comments and say, I'm going to split. Knowing there's informants around and that's ok with people makes my skin crawl. Marry your sister and become a cop supergrass.
  2. No, I don't know any 17 year old boys, that must be your thing. There's nothing in the article that mentions an innocent victim. Quite the opposite in fact. This is like mob guys killing each other. Who gives a shit? Maybe you think the girl was innocent because of what's between her legs? Wrong, she was there, she was part of it. Probably tried to do the same to him. The way it read, their all scumbags. "how he was gonna do this and that and that" If he DID then that's more then 99% of people isn't it? Plenty of big mouths that drone on but never have the balls or brains to follow through. Again, GOOD FOR HIM. The article listed a lot of shit done against him and his family. "he was the best ever?"" Owned all of you so... What bothers you more? That he's so young, or he has a disability that he didn't allow to affect him? Where's your moral outrage at Roscoff getting a deal? That's the travesty of justice. "BOO people told on him" Yes, for those people if they ever get caught for something. Prison isn't kind to snitches. Just look at your language. "boo"? "Told on"? Your like the swatters thinking this is a game. Those other people are going to PRISON FOR YEARS. Where did I say someone FORCED him to do anything? I said the article didn't prove anything. They have a recording on the page and to me, that doesn't sound like a 17yo but I'll deffer to you, the expert on teenage boys. Now I bet you want to have me shot. Boo-hoo. P.S I hope he continues from JAIL.
  3. Preview of the new model.
  4. Also not for the hacking section.
  5. So much crap... "When Beaulieu saw Matt dial into a party line just a few days after the hacker made a deal with the FBI, the phone cop called in to listen. He heard another phone phreak describe a new way to forward somebody's phone without their knowledge using a particular AT&T facility." Thanks AT&T! I didn't know illegal wiretaps were one of the job perks. Right or wrong Poulsen and his shitty writing have screwed this guy out of a fair trial. Arresting him when he turns 18 is looooow. Blind in jail? .... Interesting no one is saying anything about ALL THE RATS. Bunch of butt hurt babies. After they hurt him he could have done the samething but he instead stood up FOR HIMSELF. +1 for that. "the feds have invented a novel legal theory just for the blind hacker. Matt, they argue, violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by persuading phone company workers to access their computers on his behalf. He hacked by proxy, using his voice instead of a computer." After him, someone else is next and the most logical place for them to look is the people who ratted. Karma.
  6. Their "war" is pure fail. You get blocked right away then over and over again. You might as well cut and paste into Scroogle.
  7. Intellius has stop offering the service. I think everyone just socials for them and charges a lot more for it.
  10. ModemScan is a GUI Microsoft Windows software program which facilitates the auditing and discovery of modems and FAX machines. This type of software is commonly referred to as a wardialer or war dialer. Wardialing (also known as telephone scanning or war dialing) is the practice of dialing all the phone numbers in a range in order to find those that will answer with modem or FAX tones. Key Benefits ModemScan works with hardware you already own and does not require the additional purchase of specific nor specialized hardware. Randomly selects and dials phone numbers from the dial ranges list to prevent line termination from phone companies which detect sequential dialing. Run multiple ModemScan copies with more than one phone line and modem on the same computer. Import comma delimited text files containing phone numbers or ranges. Flexible phone number dialing. Utilizes Microsoft’s Telephony settings for easy modem and location setup. Produces reports which may be printed or exported. Enables easy scheduling of automated dialing over multiple days in "off-business" hours. Saves dialing results using Microsoft’s Access database. This ensures database integrity and reliability, while allowing for complex querying and ad-hoc reporting. Watch remote modem’s responses from built in terminal emulation window. Logging of all session events.
  11. biosphear is the Bob Vila of phreakers. Nice kit.
  12. Or.... Wasn't your daughter a pork queen? How long is this going to take? Your wife is expecting me. I could have been an FBI agent but my sister married somebody else. I'm surprised you came by, Dunkin Doughnuts has a three for one special on. After that they put the toilet plunger in your butt though .
  13. As a service it's probably a massive money loser with nothing but problems.
  14. "HE HACKED MY CAR?!?" and you thought internets was serious business.
  15. Rather then create a new thread I thought I'd bump this one. Any alternatives?
  16. sauce
  17. All the videos are up at:
  19. Unless your doing legit pentests it's waaaaay to noisey.
  22. He's put 47 of them on Google video.
  23. I missed this last week and didn't see anyone else post it. I thought it would be of interest.