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  1. There are many versions of Windows XP you can find out there *cough*download*cough* The corporate edition requires no activation no matter how many times you use your CD key. Also, you can't really screw up in social engineering a activation key. They'll just ask you to read them the number, and what you're using it for. Just tell them that it's for your computer that crashed last night because you had a particularly nasty virus, they know no different, and as stated my Microsoft policy, have to give you an activation key. Just sound convincing, and a little pissed. I have one version of Windows that I found that is called the "Performance Edition" and it works quite nicely. Some guy basically whittled and XP SP2 disk down to about 400 megs, tweaked a few annoying registry keys, and packaged it up and put it out on the internet. So in closing: Get XP corporate edition.
  2. I honestly don't know what's the deal with people wanting to hack Photobucket. Deleting someone else's images doesn't sound very appealing. Sure, you could delete that one ugly picture of you told your friend not to post, or you could get revenge on someone... But meh, there are better things to put time into.
  3. I lost you part of the way through that explination, as it is 4am, but try www.easydns.com they're what I use for my DNS needs, and it works amazingly.