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  1. I've never heard of "Diagnostic Mode" per se, but while messing with my phone I found a secret Menu with a bunch of neat functions. My phone is an LG UX355, service is US Cellular. What you do is go to the main menu an press [0], then it'll prompt for a Service Code. Mine is 000000, default. I've never found it anywhere on the web, so this could be an addition to the list
  2. Ohm, Ah, I think you could be right. Going through telnet, I'm not aware of any ways to add headers. And a LONG time ago, when I was still using RealBASIC, I used this multiple-headers function in one of my programs. Is this what you meant by "something else"? because I know it did work. zule
  3. Adding a bunch of fake headers could help.
  4. good luck. 252 sucks.
  5. It was a sad sad day when i got "Unable to Connect"... it still is EDIT: It's BACK online! EDIT: R.I.P. Demonoid
  6. idk if they are or aren't. what does the government have to do with this?
  7. Aw it's not really google. it's a deceptive link that actually goes to http://htpc.getenjoyment.net/search.html
  8. Any chance GreatCalling would come back with that awesome CID "service"? I really miss the convenience.
  9. hahahaaha "pigrape" at hotcaptcha i'm human 5/5. idk what you guys are lookin at!
  10. I agree, those kinds of reporters are assholes, and she didnt know what was coming to her. I pity her because she's so stupid. But yeah it's a good thing she was outed or else the bitch would've made hackers look bad for everyone who believes the mainstream media and dont even know what hackers are. btw I've never been to Defcon. Do they ID, or is she really THAT stupid?
  11. BURN! Anyone have her phone number? jk. :nono: I feel sorry for her, I bet she's going through a bit of trouble.
  12. try running it from the command line EDIT: agh gloomer you got there before me!
  13. dont worry. i've already hacked her computer and she's not cheating on you but seriously, if you have her permission, then just have her install a remote admin program. she doesnt have to know when you use it. Also you're going to need to know how she is connected to the internet, and get through all of that.
  14. heh, reminds me of the mayan (but not just the mayans) 2012 prediction.
  15. i signed up for grandcentral but they didnt give me a number