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  1. Thx for all the link i thing i got a lot to read how about those who can't get a "good" magazine? im from Venezuela and there's no magazine for hacking of something... anyway lames questions: 1-. Wich Linux do you recomend for n00bs users like me? (First timer @ linux) I know linux is not a file, and i know i can have Linux/Win on the same computer just making an bootloader (not so hard i think) 2-. For basic programing what should i do? any Manual/Guide/Tutorial? Thanks 3-. Have anything for Java Hacking/scripting? I'll like to learns Thx for all your help
  2. Well i dot a lot of lame stuff when i was like 13 and 14, most of them with subseven and stuff like that, send fil by msn, yahoomsn or irc (most irc) them just scan the range of the ip, jackpot start to check files i never did nothing really bad. Them i just have to stop with Computers. Since that i got like 2 years now back on my pc, my country have pretty shit economy (Venezuela) now in back trying to learn all i can and hopely i'll study something like Computer Ingeneer when i got more money to pay my professional career. Now im trying to break some lame stuff like photobucket, or myspace, something don't hurt anybody just to get started. Once Again Sorry about my bad english ^^
  3. I got a trick if u have the Intalation Disk... i got this long time ago in a web so i don't know if stills works This won't let u see the password but at least u can set a new one Hope this help you. (sorry for my bad english)