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  1. hey, my computer was restored to factory settings recently and i lost all my itunes library. I have all the items on my ipod but need a way to get them to my pc. all the software that i found looked useful but wanted me to pay for the service. i am looking for a FREE program that can do this for me so if u know of any, please post a link. thanks a lot
  2. hi, can u guys please design a usb plug for my wireless xbox 360 controller so i can plug n play if my batts die? i sorta have an idea of powering stuff off usb, but not sure which is power +/- or data +/- input for the controller. if i knew that much, i probably could finish from there. thanks
  3. hi, i am trying to use my xbox 360 with my Linksys WUSB54G USB network adapter to connect to my network. when i check connection, it only searches for a WIRED connetction. why is this, and if it can be changed, how? and, is it even compatitble? thanks
  4. i know about the kit, but would rather make my own charger. ..and i intentionally posted on the General Hacking section because people rarely go into this one, id appreciate it if you moved it back =)
  5. hey, for educational purposes, im just wondering how to modify a scanner to get more frequencies? i have a Radio Shack Pro-79 scanner and want to know how a mod could get me more freqs...
  6. thanks, can my Pro-2011 or Bobcat 260 be modded?
  7. ight.. thanks
  8. k, how many watts was ur bulb? i dont wanna blow up my comp lol
  9. btw, would this work with the PS2 usb?
  10. run cmd type in "net user" find the name of the user u want to change pass wit below, then add it in like this: net user bob *
  11. so u just solder the positive and negative to the contacts in the flashlight? that sounds mad easy
  12. i have a Halo clan and slowly-moving site. I wish to have a javascript with 6 textboxes: name, age, xfire, past clans, reason to join, and referrer... followed by a send button, which would be sent to my email. firstly, is this possible? secondly, i dont know much about programming javascript items to do stuff, but i can make a template with useless textboxes and button. Please request one to get a better idea. thridly: thanks
  13. hey i got a top of da line scanner n wanna hear my phone through it, like a 2-way conversation, and stuff. what is the range for it? i have a Uniden phone, so yeaaa
  14. its a Uniden EXI976 phone..
  15. nice find, but it doesnt show the channels for my Uniden phones... ...but do you think any of those channels would be the same?
  16. nobody wants to reply to this..
  17. why do u always randomly close threads? it pisses me off

  18. I live near a skating rink, and like messing with the security there. I used to have fun for a while when they were using FRS, but now they swapped to some icom radio that doesnt say the frequency on it!!!!!! Ive tried to search the station on my Radio Shack Pro-79 scanner, but got nothing. Any suggestions? P.S. i just want the freq to listen in, since i dont have a radio to talk with...
  19. i was referring that to doomtroll, not you..
  20. really? thats what i fuckin did u dumb fuck! if u cant help then shut your damn trap
  21. hey, i know you can use other brand HDDs and put game .iso files on it via computer, then plug and play on ps2 wit HDLoader. Just wondrin, can you do the same thing with a Sony HDD? i was thinkin it might have some block shit on it or somethin since its for ps2 not pc.... i am going to buy one cheap off Amazon, so i need to know some stuff before i commit...
  22. i am going to buy a PS2 Linux cd soon. I was just wondering, when u install everything, will i be able to play my ps2 games or will it just be an os running off my system?