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  1. hey, my computer was restored to factory settings recently and i lost all my itunes library. I have all the items on my ipod but need a way to get them to my pc. all the software that i found looked useful but wanted me to pay for the service. i am looking for a FREE program that can do this for me so if u know of any, please post a link. thanks a lot
  2. hi, i am trying to use my xbox 360 with my Linksys WUSB54G USB network adapter to connect to my network. when i check connection, it only searches for a WIRED connetction. why is this, and if it can be changed, how? and, is it even compatitble? thanks
  3. i know about the kit, but would rather make my own charger. ..and i intentionally posted on the General Hacking section because people rarely go into this one, id appreciate it if you moved it back =)
  4. hi, can u guys please design a usb plug for my wireless xbox 360 controller so i can plug n play if my batts die? i sorta have an idea of powering stuff off usb, but not sure which is power +/- or data +/- input for the controller. if i knew that much, i probably could finish from there. thanks
  5. thanks, can my Pro-2011 or Bobcat 260 be modded?
  6. hey, for educational purposes, im just wondering how to modify a scanner to get more frequencies? i have a Radio Shack Pro-79 scanner and want to know how a mod could get me more freqs...
  7. ight.. thanks
  8. k, how many watts was ur bulb? i dont wanna blow up my comp lol
  9. btw, would this work with the PS2 usb?
  10. run cmd type in "net user" find the name of the user u want to change pass wit below, then add it in like this: net user bob *
  11. so u just solder the positive and negative to the contacts in the flashlight? that sounds mad easy
  12. i have a Halo clan and slowly-moving site. I wish to have a javascript with 6 textboxes: name, age, xfire, past clans, reason to join, and referrer... followed by a send button, which would be sent to my email. firstly, is this possible? secondly, i dont know much about programming javascript items to do stuff, but i can make a template with useless textboxes and button. Please request one to get a better idea. thridly: thanks
  13. its a Uniden EXI976 phone..