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  1. Well there's .tk and .co.nr. .tk has ads .co.nr doesn't I think that's what you were talking about.
  2. I did at once, but off the top of my head it's got two processors, an arm7 and an arm9.
  3. So you mean like a packet sniffer? (Sorry, but i'm semi-new to this and that's really all I could find on google)
  4. @inaequitas-I Wouldn't really re-program anything, just program. and @The_STDstroyer-I'm sure there's an extender or somethin'.
  5. I have a simple idea, I want to make a program for the nintendo ds that has a port scanner, a password cracker, and an OS Fingerprint. It's basically a mobile Pentester. Is this possible/plauseable? Is there anything I forgot?
  6. I was wondering how I could find out the username and password at www.fanboys-online.com Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  7. That's what caught my attention, I tried some other sites but that one was different than the rest. I just thought it was weird
  8. Yay, I have been playing with the commands a bit. so what could this be used for?
  9. Maybe... Ok, not really. I'm just a n00b that's curious. I found something that mentioned hacking a NT server, and it mentioned the ftp command. I started plugging in sites just to see what would come up and then I found this. I just thought it would be cool if there was a way to chat while in there.
  10. So there's nothing there to download? Why is there a limit to the number of people? Can it be use maybe to chat or something?
  11. Well what's it for? If you close, then it mentions something about kb uploaded and downloaded. Is this just something that's extremely useless?
  12. If you open a command prompt and type ftp. Next type open, hit enter, and then type www.binrev.com. What is that?
  13. Alright, to see if it works, try to connect to towel.blinkenlights.nl
  14. Your best bet would be to learn C/C++ or maybe PHP.
  15. Hey, my name's Zach; and I'm here to learn as much about programming as I can. I am currently writing a simple keylogger and would eventually like to get deeper into hacking. Please PM me if you have any tips or pointers on keyloggers, programming, or hacking in general. I hope to maybe get to know a few people here so I wont always be a noob. I'll hopefully talk to you soon! -Zach