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  1. After an extended hiatus, I'm back. Plugged and overclocked.

  2. Hello There, My people!! Good to see new threads are being posted everyday, Hooray! ~~~Mad Rhyming Skills
  3. I have the wireless working perfectly...but, without the Monitoring function. I've heard that this driver allows broadcom users to enable monitoring mode. Back to the drawing board, I suppose.
  4. While search for information about putting my broadcom into monitor mode (for obvious reasons) I came across some information on a new driver. Here is the site with the all the information needed. Has anyone had success with this new driver, or even heard of it. Post any results you may have please. I'm sure it could help a lot of people, including myself. I will post my own results when I have finished configurations.
  5. Oh crap. I feel sick. As if a piece of me just died. WHY GOD....WHY!!!! :omfg:
  6. That is the very one. See, now you've gone and dropped some docs on me :pissed: . LOL. But, it's all good(the videos and ppt give credit to the professor anyway. It doesn't take much research to trace it back to the campus location. I'm actually not too worried about it. I forgot to mention that people would not have access to that particular AS/400 machine (obviously), but free as/400 accounts are given HERE. And yes, the class is very good. Edit: I fucked up the free account URL, I had to fix it so people could get accounts.
  7. Well, first of all, I do not wish to drop docs on myself. Second, I have the information hosted anonymously on Omnidrive. Third, I paid good money for the course (which is not part of any certification), and I was not advised against sharing this information. Also, the information I have provided does require the purchase of a book (one that can be found quite cheap('Mastering the AS/400' by Jerry Fottral Third Edition). Besides, they can't take away what I have already learned. I'm just trying to help out the BINREV community, which I am very fond of. Let me worry about the legalities. BTW, I'm not trying to sound like an asshole. I just wanted to share my interests. Thanks for your concern, I do appreciate it.
  8. Hello all, Many of you have probably heard Stank's H.O.P.E. presentation on the AS/400 :voteyes: , although I am not sure if there is any interest on this subject. During the past semester I had taken a course on this very subject, complete with video and PPT presentations. If anyone is interested in getting schooled on this subject I have made the course videos and PPT presentations available online (a small download, at about 35megs). It does require that you go out and buy a book, more information on this is available in the READMEFIRST file. If there is any interest please email me at Freeknowledgeproject[at]gmail[dot]com, and I will send you a link to the files. I look forward to hearing from at least one of you. Thanks. Later Daze.
  9. That is pretty fucking lame, considering .m3u is an itunes compliant format. Perhaps after it is reverse engineered this will be a possibility. I will wait for better results.
  10. I was reading through the specs on Apple's website, as well as several slashdot articles, and was wondering if anyone has purchased one of these. If you are not aware already, the new Ipod touch allows for wireless access. Has anyone played around with this? Is it possible to listen to streaming internet radio? That feature alone would make me purchase one. Although, I believe they need to re-reverse engineer the new Ipods because of the new hashing features. No ipod linux on the new pods yet. Booooooooo.
  11. I dig the 'cubed' desktop. But, other than showing all the noobs at my school how cool it looks, I really have no good use for it.
  12. At the age of 11. I asked my parents if I could have my own computer. I was told "Only if you build one!" Well, In their faces!! I came into contact with a man named John Milligan while living in Southern California (He's Super 1337) With his help I was able to build my first computer, and spent most of my after school time in his warehouse. Good times, good times. He got me started with all the good stuff... taught me all about programming and hardware. I think I need to make a phone call.
  13. It's strange that I happened upon this thread. Just today, while attending summer courses, I noticed that our college was offering a paid internship for that very position. I realize not every school offers these types of opportunities, but it would be worth checking around for.
  14. Absolutely!! It is just a temporary solution to a permanent problem. I've recovered it FOR NOW, but I plan on buying a new laptop in the near future. This just gives me a chance to save up some extra scratch.