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  1. Okay, I finally get it. So I'll just have to change them from .avis to MPEG2s. I'll try to find some software to change them. Thank you all for your help!!! ♠
  2. I'm using Windows Media Player to burn them, since it's quicker. They are all in (.avi) form. I'm using the DVD+R discs. I think that I'll try getting a better quality DVD disc, since I'm using Maxell now. Would putting it on a slower burn help any? ♠
  3. Hello, all. ^^ I'm a soon-to-be-seventeen year old femme from Bulgaria, living in the U.S. I'm totally new to this whole shindig, but I hope to learn a lot. I've lurked & decided to join. Hurrah. c: ♠
  4. Ok, I'm just not willing through sort through hundreds of threads to see if this question of mine has been cleared up, but here we go (&& I feel like such a brainless idiot for asking something that's probably easy to figure out): I've burned tons and tons of DVDs in my time, except I can only view them on my DVD player in my room. It's an Akai TV with a built-in DVD player. Now, my problem is that I can't view the movies on our big home theatre system, where we have a Sony DVD player that's not part of the TV, a totally separate thing. What is the problem and how can I fix it? It's annoying having my parents crowd in my room just to watch a movie. Thanks in advance! ♠
  5. From wikiHow. c: