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  1. Nice pics! I really want to go the DefCon next year
  2. Seems like they copied everything they could find from Google onto a DVD, lol
  3. If you're mother's company use a proxy server, they could be getting the logs from that.
  4. If you're running Windows you can just use IIS as your webserver.
  5. Try hanging around the source code sites (planetsourcecode being a personal favorite) and look at a lot of code, just to see how it works.
  6. Yeah - I've got the Corp edition and I've never had to activate it! Windows Update, SP2, and the stupid Genuine Advantage stuff all work fine.
  7. What version of Nero do you have? What format are the files in (e.g. WMV, MPG, AVI)? You might want to re-install Nero.
  8. If I've got something John can't get, I use Cain.
  9. Lot of stuff, here's some answers: (opinions, really) 1. If you are just switching to Linux, get something like Ubuntu. Most distros are confusing to new users. 2. As for what language - you might want to start with C, but if it has to be one of those two, I think Perl is better. 3. Hacking lab - Try starting with one regular-use box, and one for hacking into. Also try Hackthissite.org.
  10. Personally, I don't mind if the government is snooping - I don't want companies doing it! (like Google, ad-bots, things like that)
  11. That works, and the test server I set up works, but nothing else does! Maybe AOL *sometimes* blocks it? Does anyone have an SMTP server I can try (port 25)?
  12. Ever since the NSA started their eavesdropping, I've been encrypting a lot of my e-mail and files that I send/upload. I don't think they're watching me, but if they are, why not make them actually work to get my files? I think they can break most encryption algorithms, but I use AES anyway.
  13. I tried disabling my firewall, but no go. I'm about to try AOL tech support, so we'll see...
  14. By two sites, do you mean 2 different domains? If so, why would they share an IP address? Just curious about that
  15. I use AOL, and it also doesn't let telnet! Both the command-line telnet and PUTTY say they can't connect. I've tried different hosts, ports, and programs. However, AOL says they do allow telnet! I don't understand it... I found several pages on the AOL site that say I can - here's one: http://www.postmaster.aol.com/tools/telnet.html I've tried and it doesn't work. Any ideas? Is AOL really blocking telnet?