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  1. you say that i can just download the php files copy them to the remote computer lets say doesnt matter how do i copy them and than do something like this:\install.php and then follow the installation proccsses???
  2. but lets say other texts like a text the says like this: Login in yada yada yada and copy the file getadmin to the machine! the start the program and now you can see you have administrator privilages?? what about this one?
  3. i know how to configue the phpbb install proccess to my needs and it doesnt have to run MySql but i how do i enable PHP???
  4. but what if the telnet port isnt open(23)??? i read a lot of texts talking about other OS like NT XP 98 95 and other but they all say log in so how do i do it??
  5. lets say i know how to control remote computer(i have unlimited accsses to it) and i want to setup a forum lets say php forum! so what do i have to do to enable php at that computer so people could write this (e.g) and that will bring them to the actual forum??
  6. i cant find it anywhere(the text) but ill explain. i have a user name and password of a remote machine now in the text they said : "First log-in to the machine (Does'nt matter if Guest or User)" and i have a user password and username now how do i log in????/