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  1. VPN

    i agree with the ssh for connection vs proxy and vpn. vpn - i have work that needs to be done using the company's files that are located on their intranet server. proxy - id rather have this IP that says im in japan rather than my own. ssh tunnel - id rather have all my traffic encrypted and sent to a computer and internet connection i can trust, IE my home connection whilst at a coffee shop. look up putty ssh tunnel. i never got it working with ssh on linux command line, not sure why.
  2. hey random question here that i cant find the answer for. when using RDP at work sometimes at login the domain will change from the office domain, in this case we'll use HAPPY, to the name of the machine lets say, HBOX-1. this presents a problem when users login, because it will error, the user HBOX-1\user, doesnt exist where HAPPY\user would. google has turned nothing up, packetsniffing has turned nothing up, they encrypt their packets, so i turn to you all for some wise words. anyone?
  3. virutalbox for the win, its so much lighter, not to mention if you install vmware tools like the above post said you wont have your mouse stolen.
  4. hurrah i know at least two of the connections work now, i solved my problem, the burned part of the wire wouldnt take the solder, i didnt realise it was burend from when i burnt off the covering, now to get the other two working! hurrah! EDIT! WORKING hurrah! they all work! now to get buttons and a case for it! im happy, *dances*
  5. as far as i know im soldering it correctly, things are nice and hot, the solder just beads on the wire.
  6. so heres the rundown ladies and gents. im working on building a remote shutter/focus switch/control for my camera, i found the instructions from what i have is a bit different, not so much, but for those who know wiring, im using that shitty stranded shielded wire thats in headphones, im trying to tin the end so i can test the connections, but its not taking the solder im using, i burned off the shielding with a lighter and im using "high tech silver bearing solder" from ratshack. im pretty sure the shielding is burned off i looked at it with a flashlight and i saw copper, at least the color. what am i doing wrong?
  7. python <file> should execute it. for vim, if you want to insert at the end of the line, the easiest way is to hit i going into --INSERT-- mode and moving to the end and inserting your character. check for more info on using it. there probably is a more efficient way.
  8. How did you select the one you wanted to load? Now, that I think a little more is I don't use syslinux, I use extlinux which is a very closes cousin, their even in the same package. it doesn't really matter. but anyways I use the vesamenu.c32 to select them. I have boot over 13 (kernels and ramdisk) with both syslinux and extlinux. multiple kernels does not equal 12 bootings, thats just different kernels. usually a dual/triple/.. boot means more than one operating system. IE different versions of linux, or windows or such. not the same OS and multiple kernels.
  9. using run as, i select another computer administrator and i get the whole mutiple instance thing. so running it from cmd wont make much of a difference. and ie is embedded into this software, its a posting bot. so theres not much i can do without the bot controlling the ie. other suggestions por favor thanks unsupported i appericate the attempt.
  10. not because i want to, but a company i work for uses some software that has internet explorer embedded in it. and i would like to run mutiple instances of this program (yeah im being vague for a reason) but because of shared cookie sessions, i cant. at least not on the same user, right click run as doesnt work, the program complains about mutiple instances. it works if i use different user sessions however. but that becomes a pain to monitor. suggetions? and no firefox isnt a viable answer because id have to rewrite this software. and its not mine.
  11. i beg to differ, im pretty sure youre gonna be curious to look at whats on the drive. perhaps theres some sensitive data on it thats nifty to get. i know id look at whats on it before formatting the thing.
  12. it really shouldnt matter, but slackware 11.0, kernel if i didnt state it already.
  13. alrighty so heres the skinny on my situation. its a revision B5 using 2.54 f/w compatible with madwfi drivers. after fighting with them and newer versions of the kernel i got it to compile using the newest bz2 using svn. yay, they compile. yay they modprobe. ya.......wait, wheres my device, why isnt it showing up in ifconfig or iwconfig, im supposed to have an ath0, but nothing. suggestions? its driving me insane. and no i dont need to make a virtual device using iwconfigure or w/e it is, since im using a version newer than jan 23. ideas?
  14. how about the firefox extention to open a tab in ie, does that even work w/o ie? i have no idea, but there is no way in hell im installing IE in my linux.
  15. well duh droops, your the fuckin man