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  1. Track hobo's
  2. after stearing at the image and trying four different numbers thats right 4 attempts 317-278-1529 you will hear a weird beeloop sometimes you are now in the conference
  3. You should really pull your mouth away from your tranceiver you are difficult to understand. Also would you please lower your volume. Why would you post this without giving a valid reason for it's uses? /inside joke
  4. Uber informative and up to date.
  5. Fuck it. Don't listen to greyarea Whatever call it direct. Who cares? Your right nothing is going to happen no calls at 3 am no large phonebills. It is all a lie. Greyare just wants the bridge to himself. Strom, if you pull yourhead out of your ass you most likely know who/what everyone is talking about. Since greyarea decided to warn you guys about potentially bad things. You flame him! Question his logic ask for answers. I would take the guys word he is not some 10 post guy who just came on. But fuck you all just do whatever if i were greyarea in the future i wouldnt bother telling you anything. He was trying to be nice and spare you some frustration and you shit on him good go ahead.
  6. Duh. People should know beehive is a completly insecure conference. Second of all I don't like getting called back at 3 in the morning. He makes a valid point. Why would anyone call a conference direct?
  7. Yes! I always wondered who he was talking to. Actually one time while I was up in New Hampshire I saw a guy driving around in a Verizon Vehicle like a station wagon with all this equipment. He had a bunch of different cell phones and an antenna on his car. I asked him what he does. This guy drives all over New England to test signal strength in different areas. It sounds like a fun job if you like driving i guess
  8. What kind of complaints were you getting? Does'nt seem like many people would know who to call if they fot a harrassing call spoofed to them.
  9. something smells. does anyone else smell that fishy odor?
  10. Maybe Great Calling is working for the Great Seal
  11. The lunch lady at my school was a family friend so i would get like ice cream and sweets everyday. But how much is lunch at your school? I am sure it is not enough to get expelled or suspended for. Because chances are you will tell someone they will be like oh kool how you do it. Then they do the same thing or whatever. Butr I am paranoid so whatever.
  12. Is this something you made? Its pretty hot. :voteyes:
  13. If your talking about DSS which I presume you are. It is illegal OJ was busted and fined for $20k. Charlie and Dave pretty much have things on lockdown. DirecTV actually had in house programmers to write their new P4 and P5 cards so their is a low chance of a leak. DishNet just switched over to the Nagra2 stream which is posing a difficulty to crack. Special emultaors are needed to succeed. However they are very prone to getting hashed. It's not a perfect science. Lesson here kids pay the $3.95 and avoid some jail time. It will cost you roughly $600 in equipment. Thats about 150 paper views before you recoup you money. It's a stupid idea just pay the money.
  14. A pivotal player in the world of cellular hacking is in jail, tr0n. with out him making free cellular calls without cloning would be impossible.
  15. Does anyone read the EULA?