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  1. PLA

    yea man it is a pretty horrible place I even have some horror stories about the one named ..... I hate to say his name Murd0c. Pm me your phone number and we can chat about it later.
  2. hey pass the IP onto me please, in my opinion the freebsd box your hitting is a firewall.
  3. You have alot of options but rather than tell you ill just sign up and play
  4. Give it a few years and you will learn why most people who have used some form of unix for a few years despise fedora core Personally I use gentoo, and nubuntu is a rather friendly noob os while not being as god awful as FC was when I was last forced to use it.
  5. Make sure you **ALWAYS** reuse your passwords, especially passwords for forums/email/websites and your boxes, always set your root password to password .... it makes life so much easier for people who want to own ya.
  6. I would be willing to bet that gentoos packages are keep much more current than source mage. Biast but as a gentoo whore, gentoo owns.
  7. hey, you might want to read up a little before doing that again, legality and health wise fucking with manholes is a stupid waste of time. maybe hop into the portion of phreaking thats real, go voip and learn to code.
  8. If you know next to nothing then why did you take on this job?
  9. umm..... write a POC keep it private, HTP maybe even trade for further 0day? why would you waste your find by immediate disclosuer? mess with your friends before you send it off to be patched.
  10. ill be there haha, remember the fucking people in that hotel next to it hahahaha
  11. wouldnt mind some pics and docs as well when you have them.
  12. Run a whois on some tor nodes, then tell me if your going to still use it.
  13. Give iWar-0.05 a try. It addresses a few issues regarding some crossplatform issues. I think Beave is taking a weekend off and getting a life. I'll let Beave do the official announce however. -jf ← It was 0.05 that refused to compile Im in no hurry right now though, no real VOIP means no scanning for me. (though I do have bs optimum online VOIP but it terminates at my modem)
  14. Iwar will not run on my freebsd-5.4-current box I get a segmentation fault after I make or gmake.
  15. *cough* DMS-100 here ;-)