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  1. like mrgreggie, feelin nostalgic lookin through binrev

  2. Wish U a Happey B'day !

  3. the zombie survival guide is actually really funny, and good for when the undead emerge and start to attack. For the 1337 h4x0r handbook, there might actually be people who believe it, at least more than the zombie book.
  4. are there any students that is traveling up from urbana champaign for the meetings? if so how are you getting up there?
  5. I personally like skype, and have it running on my cingular 8125. I personally like the free calling between computers with skype. With my laptop i use a webcam for the video calling. it seems to be a popular client too, which means that people I know use it. any iphone users try this out?
  6. sorry for the long link, but there are many links from there to find what you may be looking for.
  7. edit: if others would like it just PM me, and yes Abhayaa you are exactly right
  8. VPN

    from how I understand it, and i might be wrong, but a vpn is used mostly for businesses or universities . What it allows you to do is connect to your company's internal network, to access files, or other things that are run on an internal network. I dont know if it can be used as a proxy. If that is what you want why not just set up a proxy
  9. when i was in high school, there was something like this, however more funny than risque. they printed them and put them ont he water fountains around the school. rather humorous.. just don't be stupid about it. Like don't tie yourself to it at all, and know it will probably be picked up on by the administration if it gets bigger that 10 people. I wouldn't discuss anything that related to attacking the school in anyway, cause if/when it gets back to you, it won't be good. Just go for the humor, less risk..
  10. apparently from that switched article, we are nothing more than car thieves.. i hate naive people.. has anybody seen anything about this whole incident on the television news? im curious how they would talk about it
  11. it does sound too good to be true. but would definitely be nice to mess around with if the price is real
  12. I don't mean to be argumentative.. but sneaking in a camera, then getting caught doesn't constitute social engineering, imho. was anybody from binrev there when she was outed?