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  1. I don't believe GSM security will allow 2 mobile phones with the same SIM to be registered on the network. I suppose you could use one mobile while the other is off?
  2. I tried google directory, no dice. And all the sites I got from google wanted $ before they handed over a name. took me to did help, thanks
  3. Hey, I'm looking for reverse phone number search site I can use without throwing in a couple of bucks. I used to have a few, but just recently bought a new computer and lost my bookmarks. Thanks.
  4. Wow. Pretty interesting. But I'd have to agree with everyone else. Though, it may be a great idea in theory, people are going to abuse it.
  5. Well, I believe my Christmas list is in need of editing now... That is so cool
  6. Captian Crunch is my hero. Unkie Ratchet, you tell the best stories.
  7. ....*gasp* (didn't see that coming...)
  8. I'd personally go for the MDA via T-Mobile, only because it's cheaper and they have much better "costumer service" (and I have a personal vendetta against verizon) :blowfuse:
  9. Samsung t619, the best phone I'd ever had. Paid nothing for it through wirefly.
  10. That's some crafty girl... well, up until the point where she got a little crazy and called his wife...
  11. I would also recomend The Code Book by Simon Singh for n00bs lookin for information. :ranaway:
  12. Hey. I've heard and read much about Stankdawg and it is an honor to be here. Of course I am a newb at hacking and phreaking but am learning quickly. I have just recently hacked my tracfone and stopped the timer so I know get free minutes. *woohoo* But am always interested in new information. If you have or know anything that I should research to better my skills, send it this way. Thank you. :punk: