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  1. could always try adding acpi=off noacpi to the boot command.
  2. I had dbus errors once during an upgrade, maybe POS is harsh but I've never experienced upgrades where if I wanted to remove something later the error totally caned my machine heh. I have quite a fast machine but I'm used to very fast distrobutions, I don't want to wait 2 seconds while my machine caches icons for menus...I just find it annoying I guess.
  3. Sabayon is possibly the slowest POS, and I've seen some very critical update bugs in it before.
  4. Also btw try Arch Linux, simple and great gentoo based distro.
  5. Search for a image with a desktop environment if you don't feel comfortable with just command line to get connected and download an environment.
  6. Most GPS systems will allow you to save locations, you could always work on open source gps systems to alert you to wifi when your gps system recognizes the surrounding area to have wifi near by.
  7. ..they already do;)
  8. Ubuntu 7.04 seems to have the best reported hardware support at the moment.
  9. Thankfully Red Hat and Canonical both rejected the patent deal.
  10. Just usually command line on F7, alot easier and quicker.
  11. Yeah it's been out nearly 3 weeks now. Hasn't hit the Linux Magazines yet as a distro cd or review though yet.
  12. Hey all i'm a PHP/Java programmer primarily with a great intrested in web design and development. I am intrested learning more about any subject I can, most of all phreaking (UK) and Lockicking (UK) I'm also a Linux developer currently working on a new distrobution with some people.
  13. It worked on swiftfox, which is based on the most recent firefox release on Linux.
  14. Did you select to install Xen during install? If so it could be that alot of Xen users reports segfaults, and I assume that since you aren't sure why you are getting odd errors do you really need virtualisation straight off? It maybe worth just installing a base gnome or kde system and then using YUM to get software...or in my opinion get F7 alot better.
  15. Submit a bug report with the details of your machines hardware, the version of Ubuntu you tried to install and where it is going wrong. It's likely then that the dev's can actually patch your bug and you don't need to hack at it to make it work.