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  1. If you goto it downloads files from a bunch of sub domains and redirects you to I think he was looking at the status bar and wanted to track all of those happenings yes.
  2. i keep getting this error now. It was happening to me awhile back, but I reformated and it was back to normal, but now the problem has came back. Does anyone have an idea what it could be?
  3. I need a program that catches everything thats loaded when you go to a website, ie:, but before it gets there, it goes through a lot of urls.
  4. Thanks a lot man. I appreciate it.
  5. Windows XP users. Which anti virus, spy-ware, ad aware programs do you use? I don't really have a setup, so I am asking the pro's. What should I be running for protection?
  6. StankDawg, which one of these anti-viruses are you using? I have no clue which one to choose.
  7. I am currently on windows XP Home and I am going to install Windows XP Pro tomorrow. I have comcast cable and my question is, Am I gonna need to download the drivers for the modem before I reformat, or will it connect automatically? I have never reformatted with cable before. I have a arris TM502G modem. Thanks guys.
  8. so, right now I have 512MB of RAM, which I want to be 2GB. Am I gonna need to buy anything else along with the RAM upgrade? I was told to I should get a another fan to prevent overheating, but I'm not too sure.
  9. was wondering what the best software is for hiding my IP. There is a lot out there, but i don't know which one to use. I hear Tor is good, but it slows you down a lot. Thanks
  10. Yeah, I have all the paper work from the mechanic. In small claims court, isn't it just you vs the other person, no lawyers ?
  11. The mechanic told me, either he pays the 4,000+ to make it pass smog (it needs a whole engine overhaul), or get him to let you give his truck back and I get my money. I don't have 4,000 to put into a 1988 MightyMax.
  12. I've found a lot of ratings on anti-virus', but I figured I'd ask a hacker himself, or herself what is really the best anti-virus for one to own. thank you
  13. Yes, the files are still here.
  14. Store all my music on an external. The music is still there from A-D, but E-Z have disappeared from the actual drive. They're still physically there, but they don't show, no they're not hidden. Any ideas?
  15. This isn't about hacking and I understand, if nobody can answer this for me, but I was sold a car for 1,000 from my friend's brother-in-law that couldn't pass smog, which is illegal here. To take him to small claims court, I need to have all of his information. All I have is his home address and home number, but I need his place of employment. Is there any websites out there that can tell me where he works ? I'm willing to spend $