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  1. can you have both? like open up a file that contains linux but then be able to switch back to windows when you want to?
  2. thanks even better. BTW what do you like btter linux or windows?
  3. thanks alot. is there a free c comoiler though? all of the ones on googlwe you have to pay like $30 to get.
  4. well im a real nube when ti comes to hacking and al i can dois hack online games and those are easy. is there like a special software or something that i can use? maybe even a tutorial on how to hack? i just dont know. if you'd like to teach me that would be cool too.
  5. other proxys dont work at my school.
  6. How do you use vtunnel on a mac? i tried usiong it at school but it said that i caouldnt go on because it was full.