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  1. that info is pretty old and no doubt that 1800 access has changed significantly maybe there are more bands or a diferent system now. i think its safe to say now that band six(or whatever is the highest) would include canada.
  2. You Can dial us 1-800 numbers from canada But like any 800 it depends on what band the Inwats is You can specify with the provider where you want calls to be able to come from. But yeah tons of american 800's are blocked from canada and vice versa. Also we canadians do have 1010 xxxx service just not 10102880
  3. i think its because on the phone they're equal to everyone else, so naturally they gravitate towards them.
  4. I just found this article about three blind israeli phreakers. http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/12.02/phreaks.html These guys wre doing some pretty illegal shit . But its still a good article
  5. And it is .......... The Fifth Hope http://www.the-fifth-hope.org/book/book-of-hope-01.html
  6. 1 888 nuance8- a demo line for nuance voice authentication
  7. Anyone wanna see what darpa's been working on ? Its all here: http://www.darpa.mil/body/pdf/FY03BudEst.pdf
  8. i'm on a Dms-100, in canada everything is nortel!
  9. Shit, man thats one of the best books ive' ever read. Umberto Eco is one well educated motherfucker, reading his books is like taking a history classes(except enjoyable).
  10. Its Also cool how it shows how the call is routed, and they tell you who to ask for at the nocc!
  11. i think so. To tell you the truth I ain't called any yet I just posted them when I found them. But yeah I think worldnet is the att dialup company.
  12. I found this number for 4ess trunking problems, its pretty l33t 1 800 455 1474 I found it on this .pdf thats got a shitload of numbershttp://www.reeve.com/Documents/Dial_test_numbers.pdf
  13. yo man get out my npa! You should also check out 391,870 ,786 the bell canada internal exchanges. All of those exchanges seem to be owned by cell companies, 970 bell mobility 222,444 telus mobility? If you are getting the message from 514 it should be in both english and french. most of the bell nis codes end with 2ck or 2cy
  14. http://phonebook.vip.att.net/phonebook I just found this big list of dialup numbers!
  15. I already did its posted in the code section as phone number grabber